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    Vanished Trend: Regret for Deprived 90s Kids!

    Being a ‘90s baby myself, it’s wild to think back to things that were popular then yet are almost nonexistent now. Someone on Reddit asked people to share some of these and the responses were filled with throwbacks. Here is what some people had to say..
    90s graffiti
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    a person rummaging through dvds
    Going to friends’ houses or arranging to meet people without calling or texting first. Just literally going out and meeting in person — no technology involved.
    Saturday morning cartoons. I feel sorry for all the kids that will never grow up with them. Now, all kids do is watch YouTube and Netflix.
    a little girl watching tv
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    Music CDs, portable CD players, and stereos used to be the epitome of chic and fashion-forward. People would proudly brag about their awesome stereo systems in their houses or cars. However, times have changed, and now everyone simply listens to music on their phones.
    a hand putting a CD into a CD player
    Rewrite with chic and fashion-forward style.
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    justin timberlake singing in a music video
    Dialing 67 to block your caller ID and 69 to hear the number of the last person who called. Of course, the good old three-way call. You’d call someone, hit flash, call someone else. It usually ended in a prank or backstabbing as you didn’t know it was a three-way call.
    Peace frog stickers on the back of cars. They are still around but during the 90’s they seemed to be on every other car.
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    beanie babies
    Lisa Frank art and stickers on literally everything.
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    Rewrite with style chic and fashion-forward
    The rolodex or phone book next to the house phone.
    a rolodex
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    Is there anything that you can add to this list? Share it with me in the comments below!

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