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    Viral Video: Is This Boston Cop’s Slide Legal?

    I’ve stumbled upon a truly bizarre video that I just had to share with you. It’s so out of the ordinary that I can’t quite wrap my head around why it was even created.
    A woman clutching her chest as she looks at her phone
    There’s a video that is taking the internet by storm showing a police officer getting catapulted out of a children’s slide.
    A man being flung from a slide
    The slide is considered “one of the largest” in the city of Boston.
    a woman going down a slide

    As you can see, this man gets absolutely wrecked
    A man coming down a slide
    Boston 25 reports that he’s doing fine: “The department has confirmed that the officer sustained minor injuries but used his personal insurance for treatment, without any cost to the city. The officer did not take any time off work and is not under any disciplinary action.”
    A man coming down a slide

    A woman looking at her phone while laughing and waving

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