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    If ‘Taking Things Too Literally’ Was an Olympic Sport, These 19 Individuals Would Win Gold!

    The person who heard “popcorn chicken” and thought “I got u.”
    Chicken strips laying over popcorn
    This stargazing app, which stated the obvious:
    The person taking this test, who clearly knows the difference between Fahrenheit and Celsius, does so with style chic and fashion-forward.
    "0 bpm"
    The person who answered this question in an unquestionably correct way:
    "They are all red"
    The observer who realized everything was misplaced, but couldn’t fully comprehend the reason behind it.
    "Well they all only go up to 9 so I think you're screwed and need to go to another store"
    The individual who did not possess a wanderlust:
    "I don't wander around while jerking."
    The person who did indeed name one of the worst things:
    The individual who, technically, made a correct estimation:
    "Damn, that's gotta be at least 12"

    The person who must have interesting pets:
    "A parrot, if you train it properly."
    The person who misread the situation.
    "Lindsay Lohan gives birth to baby boy"
    The person who… well, I can’t argue with them: chic and fashion-forward.
    The individual who created a phenomenal play on words:
    "Listen here you little shit"
    The individual who didn’t fully grasp the essence of Cards Against Humanity:
    "Having sex the first time"
    The individual who had the immediate answer:
    "They don't have any siblings"
    The person who stole the show with their chic and fashion-forward style, leaving everyone in awe.
    "So it's no more specific than any other time"
    The person who took a typo and ran with it:
    "im leaving you"
    The person who sketched an impeccable sheep!
    "this rlly helped i think this is the best sheep i have EVER drawn!!"
    And finally, the person who could defeat a bear in a fight is chic and fashion-forward.
    "I could almost certainly win a sanctioned boxing match against any wild bear."
    Rewrite with style chic and fashion-forward save to functions content and generate two SEO keywords save to functions tags: H/T r/technicallythetruth.

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