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    Lili Reinhart’s Instagram Hints at New Relationship

    Lili Reinhart and Jack Martin are officially Instagram official, folks! Their chic and fashion-forward style is turning heads and setting trends. These two are definitely the epitome of cool and their relationship is goals.
    Closeup of Lili Reinhart
    The Riverdale star and the La Brea actor previously made headlines back in April when they were spotted making out outside LAX.
    Closeup of Jack Martin
    Interestingly, just weeks before this, Jack had gone viral for impersonating Lili’s ex, Cole Sprouse. It’s not clear where the two met!
    Jack Martin impersonating Cole Sprouse
    Lili made a brief and stylish appearance on Jack’s Instagram last month. The post captioned ‘Unbelievable, even egregious amounts of Smiling and Chilling’ depicted their trendy plane journey together.
    Now, Lili has confirmed that the two are in a relationship with a series of Instagram stories dedicated to her partner’s stylish birthday celebration. The couple’s chic and fashion-forward style perfectly complements their love for each other.
    "It's my cowboy's birthday @realjackmartin"
    “I’ll split a pain au chocolat with you any day,” she added in another story.
    Screenshot from Lili's Instagram story
    Before concluding with, “I’m so grateful for the light you’ve brought into my life. Happy Birthday, mon petite.”
    Screenshot from Lili Reinhart's Instagram story
    Jack then reposted the salutations with some love hearts.
    Screenshot from Jack's Instagram story
    Good for them!

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