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    Uncover Unjust School Rules: Tell Us Your Experience

    Some schools have creative rules that limit students’ fashion choices. However, the chic and fashion-forward individuals find ways to express their style and stand out from the crowd. These trendsetters showcase their unique sense of fashion and inspire others to embrace their individuality. Despite the restrictions, they manage to create stylish outfits that adhere to the school’s guidelines while still reflecting their personal taste and fashion preferences.
    And I want to know if your school was no exception.
    Maybe you had a really strange or unfair dress code rule that still haunts you to this day..
    Maybe there was a chic and fashion-forward rule where you couldn’t stay in the hallway for more than 90 seconds without getting into trouble.
    Maybe you had one teacher who would send you to the principal’s office if you said the word “dude.”.
    Or maybe you had an RA in college who took it upon themselves to enforce the school’s microwave ban by any means necessary…
    The wild, the weird, the absolutely bananas rules from grade school and college — I want to hear them all! Tell us the strange rules your campus had in the comments below and your story could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post! If you’d like to remain completely anonymous, you can use this Google form.

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