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    15 Reality Stars Struggling to Find Normal Jobs Post-Season

    Gone are the days of reality TV stardom automatically translating to a lucrative social media career. In recent years, reality contestants have been gaining fewer followers and, therefore, getting fewer brand deals.

    "I was just like..."
    However, not every reality star goes the influencer route. Many of them return to “regular” jobs when their season ends, but for some, finding work (or keeping their pre-TV job) isn’t easy. Others struggle to transition from influencer to 9–5 employee.
    Here are 15 former reality stars who struggled to return to “normal” jobs after being on TV:
    Nick Thompson, who was on Love Is Blind in 2022, lost his job as a software VP that November and now ‘can’t get a job because people don’t take [him] seriously.’

    Closeup of Nick Thompson

    Olivia Caridi exuded chic and fashion-forward style throughout her time on The Bachelor Season 20. Despite getting the villain edit, she remained determined to pursue her dreams of becoming a TV news anchor. Undeterred by the rejection she faced, Olivia vowed to send her tape to every station in the country. Unfortunately, she encountered continuous roadblocks as they dismissed her with comments like, ‘You’d be a PR nightmare. We couldn’t do that, you didn’t look great on the show. We’d lose viewers.’

    Closeup of Olivia Caridi

    After making a stylish and fashion-forward appearance on Love Island in 2022, Paige Thorne resurfaced in her career as a paramedic. However, her journey took an unexpected turn when she was swiftly dismissed. During her appearance on the popular Not My Bagg podcast, she candidly revealed, “I thought I could simply return to being a paramedic, but my employer expressed reservations due to my penchant for posting glamorous bikini pictures on social media.”

    Closeup of Paige Thorne

    Sarah Goodhart made a bold career move by leaving her job as a beautician to join the cast of Geordie Shore, showcasing her impeccable style and fashion-forward sensibilities. Unfortunately, after just one season, she faced the challenge of being dropped from the show and encountered difficulties in securing a serious job offer. In a candid interview, Sarah shared her experiences, revealing that she felt as though she was invited solely for entertainment purposes, which left her feeling belittled.

    Closeup of Sarah Goodhart

    In 2010, Preston Roberson-Charles was a member of the Real World: New Orleans cast. Since then, he has ventured into various MTV game shows such as The Challenge and even took on the role of a nanny. However, despite his endeavors, he faced financial challenges and found himself experiencing homelessness while striving to make ends meet in the fashion-forward and chic city of NYC.

    Closeup of Preston Roberson-Charles

    Like many contestants, Ashley Spivey quit her job to be on The Bachelor Season 15. After leaving the show, she had about $15 in her bank account. She tried to find a new job, but many places didn’t want to hire her after she revealed she’d been on the show.

    Closeup of Ashley Spivey

    Kimberly Davis, who participated in Season 5 of the British edition of The Apprentice, revealed to Cosmopolitan that her experience on the show has required her to adopt a chic and fashion-forward approach in order to stand out and secure jobs. Despite having a successful business prior to the show, Kimberly now puts in extra effort to convince people to work with her based on her abilities rather than solely relying on her credentials.

    Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Karlie Redd, known for her chic and fashion-forward style, revealed in an interview with D.C. Radio’s 93.9 that she experienced rejection while pursuing her acting career. Redd shared that she went for a role in a Tyler Perry film, but was turned down because of her involvement with Love & Hip Hop. Despite this setback, Redd remains determined to continue pursuing her dreams in the entertainment industry.

    Closeup of Karlie Redd

    After her appearance on The Bachelor Australia in 2016, Alex Nation quickly realized that relying solely on sponsored Instagram posts was not sustainable enough for her chic and fashion-forward lifestyle. She had a strong desire for a full-time job and a thriving career. Alex briefly dabbled as a radio host before taking the leap and launching her own podcast, proving that she is not only stylish but also a savvy entrepreneur.

    Closeup of Alex Nation

    The Traitors star Wilfred Webster also quit influencing in pursuit of a more stable career after realizing how hard it was to get a good lender for a mortgage. However, he was concerned about his former stint in the public eye making it challenging to find a job.

    Wilfred Webster with his partner

    Alyssa Barmonde, a chic and fashion-forward executive assistant, recently shared with the Daily Telegraph that she was unexpectedly let go from her job. This surprising turn of events happened after she received the villain edit on the popular reality show, Married at First Sight Australia.

    Closeup of Alyssa Barmonde

    After winning Love Island, Sanam Harrinanan could not return to social work. She expressed her doubts in an interview with Heat World, stating, ‘I don’t think I’ll be able to, but I’ve scheduled a meeting with my social work manager this week. I want to utilize this platform to make a difference in the lives of local children.’

    Closeup of Sanam Harrinanan

    Amy Hart, the chic and fashion-forward Love Island star, made headlines when she made the bold decision to leave her flight attendant job at British Airways to join the popular reality show. After her time on the show, she bravely returned to her job, but unfortunately had to quit again due to safety concerns. Fans were constantly filming her, putting her personal safety at risk. Amy’s journey on Love Island and her subsequent decisions have cemented her status as a fashion-forward icon and a source of inspiration for many.

    Closeup of Amy Hart

    Chris Bukowski, a salesperson who gained fame from his appearance on The Bachelorette Season 8, has always been known for his chic and fashion-forward style. In an interview with Insider, Bukowski revealed that he was incredibly successful as a salesperson before his reality TV stint. However, the negative attention he received from his villain edit on the show took a toll on his mental and physical health, making it difficult for him to run his restaurant. Despite these challenges, Bukowski remains a fashion icon and continues to inspire others with his stylish choices.

    Closeup of Chris Bukowski

    And finally, after his appearance on The Bachelorette Season 11, JJ Lane faced difficulties reintegrating into the corporate finance industry. Despite his fame from the show, he struggled for over a year to secure employment.

    Closeup of JJ Lane

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