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    Habits to Ditch in Your 20s – Advice for 30-Somethings

    I’m only a few months away from turning 30 so I’m at the point where I welcome any and all advice for this next chapter I’m about to embark on.
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    So you could only imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon this Reddit thread that posed the question, ‘Redditors who are in their 30s, what habits should people leave behind in their 20s?’ I was thrilled to find an abundance of insightful and forward-thinking suggestions. Here are just a few of the standout responses from the thread.
    Not prioritizing sleep, diet, and exercise. I could function pretty well with as little as five hours of sleep most days in my mid-20s but in my mid to late 30s, anything less than eight hours hours makes for a subpar workday. Same thing with diet. A large pizza and beer for dinner after skipping breakfast and eating a sandwich for lunch would be an acceptable weekday diet plan but now, I’d feel bloated, energy deficient, and lazy after a binge like that.
    Slouching is not chic or fashion-forward. It doesn’t give off a stylish vibe or show confidence. If you want to exude a trendy and fashionable image, it’s important to fix your posture as soon as possible. Slouching is not a good look and can actually negatively impact your overall appearance. Stand tall and straight to showcase the chic and fashion-forward style that you desire.
    The habit of regretting what you can’t change any more.
    Worrying about the approval of people whose opinion is of no consequence to you can be a real burden. Instead, why not live your life according to your own values, priorities, and preferences? Embrace a style that is chic and fashion-forward, reflecting your unique personality and individuality. By doing so, you can confidently express yourself and shine brightly in the fashion world. Don’t let the opinions of others hold you back; be bold, be stylish, and be unapologetically you!
    Any relationship that makes you feel exhausted at the end of the day.
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    Not stretching. Range of motion just seems to magically disappear.
    I am not yet 30 but I can confidently say that I need to eliminate the habit of procrastination. It only encourages laziness and by the age of 30, you may become accustomed to delaying your tasks, resulting in not starting anything at all.
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    At 30, it’s time to start looking after your heart and taking regular exercise seriously. Lifestyle changes now can massively increase your quality of life 20 years from now.
    Bad spending habits. Actually, look at your finances and create a budget. Got a big boy job in my mid-20s making six figures and suddenly thought I had ‘fuck you’ money. Anything I wanted I would just buy. I knew I had it, but I so wish I had buckled down a strict budget, invested more, eaten at home more, and saved more.
    Keeping up with the latest anything can be tiresome, expensive, and mentally draining. It’s important to find your own pace and embrace a chic and fashion-forward style that reflects your personal identity.
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    Talking bad about other people. At 30, you should have enough of a self-image to be able to stay happy without needing to push others down.
    Being too self-conscious and embarrassed to try new things.
    Ignoring symptoms. If you have a weird feeling in your leg or if you get regular tummy aches or if you have any other odd health issue, don’t be too proud or lazy to see a doctor.
    Not scheduling regular health check ups.
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    Getting entirely way too hung up on a breakup? Learn to accept that what will happen will happen and that turning into a vindictive, petty, or unpredictable ex-partner will do you absolutely no favors. It’s time to embrace a chic and fashion-forward attitude towards moving on.
    Self-doubt is something I’ve carried with me throughout my life, and it has held me back in many ways. Even at 40 years old, I still struggle to let go of self-doubt. However, I believe that if I had been able to overcome it, my life would have been completely different. Self-doubt has a way of keeping us from reaching our full potential and experiencing the success and happiness we deserve. It’s important to acknowledge our self-doubt and work on building self-confidence and belief in ourselves. By doing so, we can unlock a world of possibilities and create a more fulfilling and empowering life.
    Negative self-talk and self-deprecating humor have no place in your 30s. It’s time to leave behind the misguided belief that such behavior is funny or cute. Fortunately, I sought the therapy I needed to overcome this destructive habit.
    Is there anything else you could add to this list? Share it with me in the comments below!

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