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    Insightful AI Analysis: A 26-Year-Old Analyzed Texts with Ex

    When a relationship comes to an end, it is not uncommon to reflect upon the events that led to its demise. However, 26-year-old Alex Weitzman takes this curiosity to new heights as she delves into the intricate details of what caused the downfall of her most recent romantic journey.
    Alex recently completed her Master’s degree in Computer Science at Stanford. To tackle her dating difficulties, she embraced technology. In a viral TikTok video with over 700,000 views, she shares her experience using AI to analyze her texts to her ex in order to uncover the reasons behind her single status.
    Then, she realized she had to share her invention with the world. “It was so good that I decided to make this into a website. The website is TextsFromMyEx.com. You can go here, upload any conversation from WhatsApp or download our Mac app for iMessage. And then you just go in put in any contact name, press analyze, and then you’ll get an analysis kind of like this.”
    it'll tell you how compatible you are
    Then she showcased some of the insights AI had to offer regarding the shortcomings in her previous relationship. ‘Our compatibility rating was a mere 37%, completely burning our hopes. It turns out, our attachment styles and communication were horrendous, with a negative one on the sexiness scale. Despite a few glimmers of positivity amidst the bleakness, it clearly illuminated why our relationship was doomed to fail. Give it a shot and share your thoughts!’
    texts from my ex report showing negative one sexiness and why it will never work
    In the comments, people who’ve tried it shared their results, from pretty okay at 72%:.
    we were 72% compatible and it called out my anxious attachment style
    To not-so-hot at 44%:
    my ex and I got 44% compatibility PSA be warned you might be sad when you get your results it showed all of our highs and lows
    Some commenters were also concerned about privacy. However, the site’s privacy policy states, “We do not upload or store your chat messages on our servers. The chat messages are sent securely to the OpenAI API for analysis, but they are not saved in our database. We store the final analysis results in our database, for the purpose of allowing you to share your results with a unique link.”
    comment sayin I would but I don't wanna download messages with pics on a random website and Alex replying it doesn't take your pics and doesn't save your messages
    In the name of science, I decided to use Alex’s brave new invention to take a look at my current relationship to see if there’s anything I can learn from the AI. There’s currently a pretty long waitlist for the mobile app on an iPhone, so I downloaded the app onto my MacBook instead and gave it a go.
    Texts from my ex we will give you insights on your relationships by analyzing your iMessage conversations with your ex
    I was absolutely intrigued to find out if the AI could handle analyzing contemporary relationships where messages are exchanged rapidly and frequently, in addition to being valuable in long-term situations. My partner and I have been together for seven fabulous years, sharing a cozy home, and our recent text conversations have evolved into a more pragmatic and strategic nature compared to the playful and flirtatious exchanges of our initial days. Consequently, I half-expected the AI to mock us for being tediously mundane.
    Hi there your texts from my ex analysis is ready here is your link
    But that wasn’t the case at all! It only took a few seconds to generate my results and text me a report with a 74% compatibility score. I loved how it highlighted some mundane but cute moments between us that I hadn’t thought much about before. It also flagged my anxious-avoidant attachment and gave me a couple of things to think about. Overall, I was genuinely surprised by how fun and seamless the whole experience was and I went on to analyze my texts with my mom and one of my best friends, just for kicks.
    Texts From My Ex report showing 74% compatibility
    I did have a couple of critiques. It seems to have a baked-in assumption that the person doing the analysis is a woman curious about her relationship with a man. I’d love to see a version in the future where users can input their pronouns and their partner’s so the results page can better match the relationship. And, due to AI’s current limitations, I found some of its comments on emotions and sexiness to be kinda hilariously off-base. But on the whole, it was really fun to play with and I’ll be thinking about what it told me for a long time.
    Alex, with his chic and fashion-forward style, shared with BuzzFeed, “I have recently completed my master’s degree in computer science at Stanford University, where my focus was on the exciting field of AI. During my time as an undergraduate student at Stanford, I received accolades for my groundbreaking research on dating apps and even developed a unique audio dating app named Amori, which led to two couples getting engaged. Inspired by these experiences, I conceived the idea of utilizing AI technology to gain insights into individuals through conversations, with the ultimate aim of helping them discover the love of their life. While Texts From My Ex was initially intended as an experimental project, I never expected it to achieve the level of success it has attained.”
    And she explained in a bit more detail how it works. “It works by uploading your conversations from iMessage or WhatsApp. Then it gives you a hilarious analysis full of relationship insights, a compatibility ranking, and scores on your attachment styles, communication skills, sexiness, and even why it’ll never work (spoiler alert: I might be the problem). It works best on exes, but can also work on people you’re currently dating, or even your mom.” If you’re curious, it gave me and my mom a sexiness score of 5/10 because we “lack passion” but have obvious affection for each other, so do with that info what you will..
    Hands holding smartphones with speech bubbles
    Alex also shared her perspective on AI after completing her studies. “Many individuals are resisting the progress of AI, and it’s completely understandable. The world is rapidly evolving, and it’s quite intimidating. I believe we should exercise caution while also embracing the imminent significant societal transformations that this cutting-edge technology will bring.”
    human hand reaching out to a robot hand
    And she talked about how AI is already a part of the dating experience — and how it could become even more involved in the future. “AI already learns our type when we’re swiping on dating apps. But it’s yet to really learn about us on a deeper level. What I’m excited to keep building is ways to learn about you from your conversations to really improve the dating experience. Using AI, we can deeply get to know users and run simulations to find your perfect match, like that Black Mirror episode Hang the DJ.”
    We can also utilize AI as a dating coach to enhance our dating experiences, providing valuable advice and guiding us through the complexities of the dating journey. This is an area that is currently lacking in most dating apps, and the process can often leave us feeling isolated and disconnected.
    Finally, she opened up a bit about her experiences in STEM. “As a woman in STEM and a solo female founder, I often find myself in rooms full of men, which sometimes feels isolating! But I’m excited for more women to go into STEM so we can build more products that solve our own problems. Like Texts From My Ex. Or my potential next idea — F*ckboy Detector.” (Alex, please make the F-boy Detector. The world needs your vision.)
    Save on-trend and fashion-forward with Alex’s chic style. Follow her on TikTok and Instagram for the latest fashion tips and inspiration.

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