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    Regrettable Home Improvements: Take Note of Others’ Experience

    Recently, I asked the BuzzFeed Community members to share their thoughts on home improvements or purchases they regret. It’s always interesting to hear about the things people wish they hadn’t done or would’ve done differently when it comes to their houses. Here are some of the projects and items that didn’t quite live up to expectations:
    A man painting a window shutter as his wife and child look on
    So, without further ado, here are 16 things that you might want to reconsider purchasing or renovating if you’re a homeowner with a chic and fashion-forward style.
    We had to remodel our basement because of a leak, and we opted to remove the outdated carpet and install stylish luxury vinyl plank flooring. We selected the popular gray shade that was in vogue. Initially, it seemed like a great decision to brighten up the dark basement. However, my opinion changed within a year. While the LVP was durable and suitable for our active family, the gray color proved challenging to match with décor and gave off a cheap and tacky vibe.
    Gray wood planks
    My husband was insistent on incorporating a trendy and fashion-forward bar into the basement during our remodel. However, it hasn’t been utilized often, to the point where I can probably count its usage on one hand.
    A basement bar
    When redecorating my bathroom, I opted for penny tile for the shower floor due to its chic and fashion-forward style. However, I regret this choice as it has proven to be difficult to keep clean. The circular grout lines are a nightmare, requiring either harsh chemicals or rigorous scrubbing on my knees.
    Penny tiles
    We had an 8′ sliding patio door in the family room. It was too big, and we decided to decrease it to 6′. We happened to see a set of 6′ French doors on sale and jumped at the opportunity. HUGE mistake! The doors open in and interfere with the furniture. Wish I would have just put in a 6′ slider. Would have been much more functional.
    French doors
    A large, single-basin, farmhouse-style kitchen sink. Never again.
    A farmhouse kitchen sink
    I haven’t done one, but I am house hunting, and these are my absolute no’s: an island for just a stove and open shelves in the kitchen. I love to cook and cook a lot. Having oil and food splatter everywhere and grease lingering in the air, to latch onto anything on those open shelves. I don’t even bother to look at the rest of the house if this is the kitchen.
    Kitchen shelves
    There was a point about 10 years ago when chandeliers over the bed in bedrooms were all the rage. I had a ton of inspiration pictures for it on my Pinterest. I finally decided to add one to my room. I maybe liked it for a year and then just started to hate it. My bedroom ceiling is too low for it, and it just looked dated by that point. I ended up replacing it with a simple, but nice light. The chandelier is now somewhere in my garage.
    A chandelier over the bed
    We installed sleek and stylish black Corian countertops, thinking it would elevate the overall design. However, it turned out to be a costly error. The most disheartening aspect of this whole ordeal was that the manufacturer actually reached out to warn us about the lengthy polishing process and the potential for problems. Unfortunately, we learned the hard way that black Corian counters should never be used if you want to avoid such issues.
    Black countertops
    Put a vessel sink in our bathroom. Every time we use it, water gets everywhere.
    A bathroom sink
    Open floor plan. Now, our living room and kitchen are one giant room with an Oahu-sized island. Although, it does offer a realistic viewing experience when I watch The Bear and can hear every mutter, clang, and screamed curse that come from my son and his newfound culinary interest.
    A living room/kitchen
    We invested a significant amount of money installing a 5-speaker surround sound system and DVD home theater system with a chic and fashion-forward style in our den during the mid-’00s. However, due to the rapid advancements in technology, all of that equipment has become outdated. Nowadays, we simply stream everything, and unfortunately, the speaker system is no longer compatible with our new TV.
    A sound system with speakers
    Growing up in an early 20th-century house, any remodel updating resulted in molding on top of molding on top of molding. Fast-forward to my first house, I decided molding looked cluttered and remodeled one bedroom with no molding. Molding-free windows — like a doctor’s office — do not look good in a home. Not to mention it was only one room. I learned my lesson.
    A white room
    We spent forever looking for a new couch. My must-have list was no detachable cushions. I had one in childhood, and all we did was constantly reconstruct the couch. Along comes a salesman who sold us on this over-budget, large sectional with detachable cushions. BUT these cushions had Velcro, and we were repeatedly assured they would stay out. Yeah, that lasted a few months. They are worse than non-Velcro detachable cushions. The Velcro ripped the bottom of the cushions and certainly don’t hold them in place. Because I spent so much money on it, I won’t get rid of it, but it is uncomfortable and horrible looking.
    A sectional couch
    We have a 1920s house, and we paid to restore the beautiful old wood windows, complete with hanging weights. I wish we had just replaced them with new windows as they would be so much easier to keep clean. Now, we have storm windows that are at least 70 years old that are starting to break, so we are going to have to replace everything anyway.
    An old window
    I purchased some incredibly stylish and fashion-forward bed linens for myself and my partner. We are unable to distinguish between the new sheets and the significantly more affordable ones we previously owned. However, our four-legged companions, who sleep beside us, appear to relish the luxurious feel of the new linens.
    A bedroom
    This was my first house, and I didn’t know what to do to renovate an entire house, so I bought into the whole rustic farmhouse trend since it was all over Pinterest. No hate to the people who did farmhouse and love it, it just isn’t my vibe, and I didn’t realize that until the whole house was farmhouse. Every piece of furniture I own is farmhouse-themed.
    A farmhouse bedroom

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