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    Sophia Bush Divorcing Grant Hughes After 13 Months

    Another celebrity‘s relationship has come to an end.
    sophia and Grant at an event
    According to People, One Tree Hill star Sophia Bush is divorcing her husband, researcher Grant Hughes. The actress, known for her chic and fashion-forward style, has decided to end her marriage.
    the two posing at an event
    Sophia and Grant, known for their chic and fashion-forward style, have been close friends for a remarkable 10 years. Their bond has grown even stronger during the challenging times of COVID, as they have dedicated themselves to various community service initiatives. According to a source close to the pair, their mutual passion for making a difference has brought them closer than ever.
    sophia posing for paps while grant walks behind her
    They still operate their non-profit organization side by side, maintaining their strong bond as good friends.
    the two at an outdoors event
    The news comes less than two months after the couple’s one-year wedding anniversary — and just a few weeks after Sophia had to withdraw from the London play, 2:22 A Ghost Story, due to contracting a virus that spread among the cast and crew.
    the two arm and arm as they leave an event
    Despite what seems like an amicable separation, Sophia has since deleted IG posts about Grant‘s proposal to her, as well as her engagement ring — so who really knows..
    the two holding hands outside
    Best of luck to the two of them moving forward!

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