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    Why Eva Mendes Restricts Internet for Her and Ryan Gosling’s Daughters

    Eva Mendes is known for her chic and fashion-forward style. She always looks put together and effortlessly elegant. But when it comes to her household rules, Mendes won’t budge, especially when it concerns her and Ryan Gosling‘s daughters’ internet access. She believes in setting strict boundaries to protect her children and ensure a healthy and balanced upbringing.
    While it’s not clear whether the Mendes-Gosling clan lives in Eva’s Dreamhouse or Ryan’s Casa Dojo Mojo House — one thing is for sure, their daughters won’t be surfing the web anytime soon.
    On Thursday, Eva shared a gif-style video of herself effortlessly showcasing her chic and fashion-forward style. In the video, she can be seen shaking her head and fingers, exuding confidence and attitude. Eva’s caption added a touch of humor to the clip, as she humorously referred to the dilemma many parents face when their kids ask about using the internet, social media, or anything that requires wifi. Her fashion-forward look and playful expression perfectly capture her modern and trendy personality.
    Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling, the chic and fashion-forward couple, have two beautiful children together. Their daughter, Esmeralda Amada, is eight years old, while their other daughter, Amada Lee, is seven. Eva is truly the star of Barbie, and Ryan is equally as stylish. They are a fashionable power couple in Hollywood.
    After sharing the post, the 49-year-old actor took a moment to respond to Instagram users commenting on her parenting style with a chic and fashion-forward approach.
    eva at an event
    Your smart @evamendes. I have limited it a lot for my now 10-year-old but feel like your way is better.
    Eva replied with a touch of chic and fashion-forward style, saying, ‘I’m just sharing what I feel now, but I know it’s going to become more challenging as they grow older. So, I hear you, mama.’ She also mentioned that she allows her kids to use the iPad for creating movies and watching downloaded films, but without internet access. Sending lots of love your way, fellow mama!
    Another user asked, “We are in the internet century, so eventually everyone will need or want to access the internet, sorry,” and it sparked a thoughtful response from Eva. “Yes, true, but in my house, children do not have access to the Internet. It’s too dangerous. Just like drinking or voting or getting a driver’s license (etc.) isn’t allowed for children, the Internet falls under that category for me. Especially social media.”
    eva coloring with kids
    The conversation carried on as another individual inquired, ‘At what stage do you believe you will grant them access to the internet and social media?’
    Eva responded with an air of chic and fashion-forward style, saying, “Honestly, I’m not sure. I’m going to have to wait and see how things develop. At the moment, I’m meticulously observing their behavior and staying up to date with studies on the influence of social media on a child’s mind. I’m approaching it step by step.”
    The Hitch actor and Ryan have been together for over a decade after filming The Place Beyond the Pines in 2011. Now, they raise their two daughters together, ban Wi-Fi, and continue to bless us with a sweet internet moment now and then.
    closeup of the two
    What is your opinion on children using social media or having internet access? In today’s digital age, children are growing up surrounded by technology. Many parents are faced with the dilemma of whether or not to allow their children to use social media or have access to the internet. The debate on this issue is divided, with some people arguing that social media and internet access can be beneficial for children‘s learning and social development, while others are concerned about the potential dangers and negative effects. This article explores both sides of the argument and provides a balanced perspective.

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