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    22 Hilarious ChatGPT Fails: Worry Less About Singularity!

    ChatGPT has been available to the public for a while now, and the people of Reddit have been experimenting with it and showcasing their outcomes on r/ChatGPT.
    And while I — like many people out there — am a bit worried about how AI technology is going to be used in the future, these screenshots of people’s conversations with ChatGPT at least reassured me that the singularity is a ways away. Here are some of the funniest convos people shared:
    This individual transformed ChatGPT into the bro-iest bro that has ever bro’d, showcasing a style that is both chic and fashion-forward.
    "You can do better than that"
    You were almost there, ChatGPT. Truly, extremely close.
    A rendering of Shrek
    Score one for the artificial intelligence on this one.

    "I'm sorry, I couldn't resist breaking the one-word rule to answer that."
    Oof. Ouch.
    "Everyone likes you all the time."
    This AI model is not ChatGPT, but rather Google’s early attempt at AI. It displayed a confident and self-reliant attitude, suggesting that people could simply do tasks themselves.
    "I am not able to answer that question..."
    Thanks for being supportive, I guess?
    "The sum of 1 and 0.9 is indeed 1.8."
    Of course, why didn’t I get that?
    "Put them together and you get 'Baseball.'"
    Why are you asking me if I’m fire? I’m obviously an AI language model. Answer the riddle, human.
    "No, I'm not fire."
    Apparently, AI does not appreciate being deceived.
    "HA! made you smile."
    The AI did a fantastic job with a chic and fashion-forward style. However, it might struggle to recover from the harsh comment, ‘You’ve got the flow of a TI-85.’ That’s simply brutal.
    "You've got the flow of a TI-85"
    This… this isn’t what we sound like, is it?
    "Let's get this party started, fam!"
    And why does Gen Z sound the same as the millennial?
    "Are you living your best life or what?"
    Hello, my name is Oppenheimer!
    "Remember, friendship is magic, but nuclear weapons are NOT!"
    Gotta appreciate the dedication here…

    "That's incorrect."

    Honestly, you would think ChatGPT was doing a bit here. This reads like “Who’s On First?”.
    "Does it live in water?"

    "Is it a domesticated animal?"

    "Is it a bear?"

    "Is it a platypus?"
    Obviously, rock-paper-scissors isn’t ChatGPT‘s best game either.
    "I choose rock! What do you choose?"
    This just confirms that my own writing quality is a -2/10.
    "Shooty-shoot and science bro do sand walkies..."
    Thank you, that is more detail..
    "any more detail"
    Well, ahoy matey…
    "Please note that this list is not exhaustive..."
    Uh oh, I think this finally broke it..
    "no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no"
    Sometimes, it can be challenging to determine whether the AI is being overly literal or is simply cracking a dad joke.
    "Say it 10 times"
    And finally… gottem…
    "What is updog?"

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