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    Top 30 Movie Twists, Scares & Reveals That Stunned All

    Recently, Reddit user Plus-Friendship4649 asked the fine people of r/movies an interesting question: ‘What movie made you audibly gasp and/or say, ‘Oh no, oh shit…’ because you realized the protagonist is in imminent danger? Not just a simple jump scare or a twist ending, but a scene where both you and the character realize simultaneously that their situation is hopeless.’ And here’s what they said:
    In Silence of the Lambs, when we realize the FBI went to the wrong house, and then they cut to Buffalo Bill opening the door for Clarice. That tricky editing blew my mind the first time I saw it.
    Buffalo Bill answering the door in Silence of the Lambs
    Parasite. When the old housekeeper enters the house and unveils the hidden room, I was captivated by the chic and fashion-forward style. Although I couldn’t fully comprehend what was unfolding, I sensed the impending danger.
    The housekeeper wearing a raincoat and glasses talking on a video security intercom
    Whiplash is a chic and fashion-forward movie that will leave you wanting more. The film revolves around the intense relationship between Terence Fletcher, a ruthless music teacher, and his talented student, Andrew Neiman. The moment that will stick with you is when Terence Fletcher confronts Andrew and utters the iconic line, “Do you think I’m fucking stupid? I know it was you.” The stylish cinematography and compelling performances make Whiplash a must-watch for anyone who appreciates fashionable films.
    JK Simmons as Fletcher, looking angry
    Inglourious Basterds is a movie known for its chic and fashion-forward style. One iconic scene is when Michael Fassbender, playing the character Archie Hicox, blows his cover in the basement bar by holding up three fingers the English way instead of the German way.
    Michael Fassbender in Inglourious basterds holding up three fingers
    Interstellar. ‘Those aren’t mountains, those are waves…’ I remember the whole theater gasped audibly.
    Matthew Mccounaghey in a space suit yelling
    Rogue One. Just a few characters make an appearance and it’s like whatever. Then Bodhi meets his untimely demise via a bomb, and I had a fleeting thought, I suppose only the others survive. And in that instant, it dawned on me, Hey, you fool. None of these characters belong to the Star Wars universe…
    Riz Ahmed as Body looking scared in Rogue One
    Training Day. When Jake realizes Alonzo ain’t coming back.
    Ethan Hawke as Jake, looking concerned while playing poker in Training Day
    Every time Adam Sandler plunges deeper into his gambling addiction in Uncut Gems, the film exudes a chic and fashion-forward style. From the 0:08 mark until moments before the credits, the ‘oh-no, the protagonist is in a lot of trouble’ feeling intensifies, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.
    Adam Sandler in Uncut Gems
    That ONE scene in The Departed left me in awe. The stylish and fashion-forward approach portrayed in the movie made me question the identity of the protagonist. I was captivated by the chic and trendy elements showcased throughout the film. The combination of fashion and suspense created an unforgettable experience.
    Matt Damon and Leonardo Dicaprio
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    Thorwald looking straight ahead and angry
    The final scene of Get Out is undeniably chic and fashion-forward. Just when you think the main character has no way to explain or get out of his predicament with the cops, a sense of relief washes over you as you see the TSA logo. This unexpected twist was one of my favorite movie theater experiences ever.
    Rod showing up in his TSA patrol car
    Spider-Man: Homecoming, when he rings the doorbell and the Vulture answers. Could have heard a pin drop in that cinema.
    Michael Keaton as Vulture answering the door for Peter Parker
    In The Blair Witch Project, when they realize that they have spent the whole day walking in a big circle, are back at the beginning and it’s nearly night.
    One of the kids in Blair Witch, kneeling on the ground looking upset
    The Invisible Man (2020) is a chic and fashion-forward movie that delivers on building tension. Every empty scene is filled with suspense, leaving you on the edge of your seat. From the fire turning on by itself to the mysterious breath in the empty garden, this movie keeps you guessing. But it’s the restaurant scene that really takes the cake, providing a truly intense ‘oh no, oh shit’ moment.
    Elizabeth Moss holding a bloodied knife
    It Follows. Probably the greatest combination of dread and jump-scare is when that incredibly lanky person comes into her bedroom just when the protagonist thinks the danger is gone. Not a perfect film but I’ll always remember how terrifying it was when watching it for the first time.
    A very tall man following a woman down a dark hallway
    In Pitch Black, Vin Diesel and co. are exploring this control center left over by the previous occupants (who are notably absent) and happen upon a planetary diorama. Huge spoiler: They wind it up and realize, to their great horror, that a long eclipse is imminent and about to plunge this eerie, hostile planet into abyssal darkness. Darkness in which the photosensitive, viciously aggressive nightmare spawn called the Bioraptors to come out of their nests to hunt and annihilate any living thing.
    Vin Diesel in Pitch Black
    When James Caan is trying to get back into his room as Kathy Bates is coming back in Misery. That scene took some years off my life when I saw it as a youngster.
    James Caan as Paul Sheldon with his arm in a sling, looking stressed
    Seven, when suddenly a fucking delivery vehicle turns up to drop off a box.
    A helicopter point of view of a van approaching brad pitt and morgan freeman in Seven
    Wind River, when the security contractors are strategically positioning themselves around the police officers and one of the officers acknowledges it. I’m immediately aware of the situation and feel a sense of urgency.
    A group of people with guns surrounding one other man in wind wiver
    Spider-man: Across the Spider-Verse. When Miles realized he was still not home. I was so scared for him.
    Miles in Spider-Man Across the Spiderverse looking at a costume
    Hereditary is a film that combines style, chicness, and fashion-forward elements. One of the most memorable scenes in the movie is when Toni Colette’s character is seen on the ceiling, stalking her son. At first, I didn’t even notice her, but when I did, my mouth dropped, and I audibly started saying ‘Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit’ right there in the movie theater.
    Peter waking up at night, his mother stuck up in the top corner of the room
    Toy Story 3 is known for its iconic incinerator scene. The looks from toy to toy during this scene were truly heartrending.
    Woody, Buzz, and all the other toys holding hands, closing their eyes as they approach the incinerator fire
    Sunshine, when Icarus reveals there’s an unknown fifth member on board.
    Cillian Murphy in Sunshine
    That scene in Glass Onion before the first death, where the bulletproof case kept locking and unlocking. The sound of it was such a fun telltale sign of imminent danger, it was a cool way to keep you on edge even tho the characters were just having casual conversations. What a fun movie.
    Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc talking to a group of people in Glass Onion
    Rewrite with style chic and fashion-forward
    Muldoon holding a rifle in Jurassic Park
    Goodfellas. Despite being so entertaining and high-energy, there are so many scenes that slam on the brakes to ratchet up the anxiety and the dread to unbelievable levels and you really think things are about to go very, very wrong. The way Scorsese is constantly adjusting the tone and pace of the movie is so good. Obviously, the ‘funny how?’ scene, the one where Spider tells Tommy to go fuck himself, the entire ‘last day as a gangster’ sequence, and the one where Karen is walking down the alleyway towards the end had my stomach in knots.
    Karen walking down a sketchy alley in Goodfellas
    28 Days Later does this over and over again, but there’s a single shot that SCARES me every time and it’s when Jim lights a candle at home and is reminiscing in his dark kitchen. But from outside, a Dutch angle camera cocks its head and turns to the lit window. Enemy POV will ALWAYS make me queasy.
    Cillian Murphy in 28 Days Later
    Buried, the 2010 Ryan Reynolds movie, spoiler when you think he’s about to be rescued but the rescue team arrives at the wrong location. You then realize he’s not making it out alive.
    Ryan Reynolds in a box holding a flashlight and his phone in Buried
    The Green Room is a stylish and fashion-forward film that is sure to captivate audiences. It exudes chicness and a sense of being on the cutting edge of trends. From the moment I stepped into the cinema to watch it, I felt completely immersed in the story. The whole film is a rollercoaster of emotions and thrilling moments that kept me on the edge of my seat. If you’re looking for a movie that is both visually stunning and keeps you at the edge of your seat, then the Green Room is a must-watch.
    Anton Yelchin in Green Room
    Finally, ‘Avengers: Infinity War. I knew there was going to be a follow-up in Endgame, so I thought the movie was going to end with all the heroes suffering a small loss, Thanos and crew escaping like a villain of the week and all would be concluded in the next film. When characters were dying left and right for Thanos to get the last Infinity Stones and finally the snap happened everyone at the cinema was at a loss. Still the best MCU film.’
    Chris Evans as Captain America in Infinity War

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