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    27 Terrible Individuals Who Ignored Others as Supporting Actors

    We recently wrote about awful people with ‘main character syndrome’ — aka, people who think they’re the most important person in the world and nobody else’s problems matter. Members of the BuzzFeed Community chimed in with their own examples in the comments, so we’re back with more…along with some replies from the original Reddit thread. Here are 28 more self-absorbed people who need to realize they’re not the main character in everyone’s lives.
    My husband had a brain tumor. I took charge of arranging post-op care, filling out work forms, notifying family and helping plan their travel, etc. I had about five days between diagnosis and surgery, and was pretty distraught, so got no sleep that week. The diagnosis was one week after we’d traveled to my sister’s wedding, which I officiated; two weeks after we’d moved; and a month after I’d started a new job. I already was run down before diagnosis, and between diagnosis and surgery ran on pure adrenaline. My mom drove to my house the day after surgery. I felt like I was going to faint and had to sit down. She asked what was happening, and I said, ‘I’m sure it’s just the stress and exhaustion hitting me, I’ll be fine in a minute.’ She said, ‘You don’t even know what real stress is’ and started complaining about how inconvenient it was for her to visit us so soon after my sister’s wedding.
    In September, my grandfather passed away. Less than 20 minutes after his passing, my aunt (who had relied heavily on him as a caregiver and source of money) sat beside his lifeless body while others mourned, smiling and showing off her phone, boasting about the multitude of Facebook condolences she had received.
    When I shared the news of my cancer diagnosis with my ex-husband, his response was unexpectedly self-centered and disheartening. He uttered the insensitive words, ‘I can’t believe this is happening to me.’

    My former ‘best friend’…many stories to tell, but my favorite example is when I was admitted to a local hospital due to the severity of my eating disorder, just waiting for my admission to a specialized unit. I guess she couldn’t stand the fact that I was the focus of people around us (that being MY OWN FAMILY, btw). She randomly claimed to have cerebrospinal fluid ‘leaking’ from her ears and got pissed at me when I didn’t immediately agree with her and usher her into her own emergency room admission. Like bro, my heart might stop beating at ANY moment and I can’t even walk, but yeah lemme just drop everything to serve you.
    Dude was an EMT and would go on Facebook making up fake stories and experiences so people would call him a hero/brave/et cetera. Obviously fabricated to other people in medicine that knew him, but to the people on the internet, they ate that stuff up and gave him all the attention he needed to start a podcast (only lasted one episode) and ‘start writing an autobiography’ (made it as far as another post on FB of a short excerpt). Oh, and he made a hashtag for himself #fightlikename here.
    When my mother passed away, my step-monster continued to act like they were the closest of friends. Despite spending nearly two decades being incredibly cruel to my mom, her behavior at the hospital (where I had to step in to prevent her from approaching my mom’s deathbed) and the funeral made it seem like they were inseparable. This was extremely frustrating.
    I had a friend who thought every guy wanted her. It was very much driven by her low confidence. She and my boyfriend knew each other before I came around; they had worked together but weren’t friends. She moved to the city where he was going to school. They arranged to go out to dinner one night after she moved. She thought they were going on a date. She actually thought she was going out on a date with my boyfriend. Some kinda friend.

    teen saying, i wasn't going to bring this up but i don't think jughead is into you anymore
    My sister is classic Main Character syndrome. The day before I had gastric sleeve surgery she called me to say how nervous she was for my surgery. Not nervous for me. Oh no! She was nervous for herself and how it would impact her because I was going to be losing weight and not her.
    Had a friend in college who was my roommate (in a sorority room with a bunk bed)…I had twisted my ankle and was not doing any complaining, just laying in bed icing it. When she asked me how I was and I shared the pain I was in, she responded that she once had this terrible soccer injury and it was the worst pain she’s ever known, and so she never feels bad for anyone because she knows it couldn’t top her pain… lol okay girl, you win I guess…
    When I had my son (now a healthy 18-month-old), I started going into labor six weeks early and spent several days in the hospital hoping he would stay in for as long as possible. I had been emailing with my mom and sister, who have a highly contentious relationship. When I finally spoke to my mom, the first thing she said was, ‘Did you call me first or your sister?’ Not a question about how I was doing in the midst of the scariest experience of my life, or whether the baby would be okay. It was a clear demonstration of the kind of person she is— one blinded to everything but her own emotional needs.
    My college roommate was the worst with this. One time, she went on for hours about boy trouble. I listened, offered advice and a shoulder when needed, and was overall very supportive (we’d known each other since middle school). When I had the ~audacity~ to bring up my own romantic quandaries, she responded, ‘I’m sorry, CrazyPlantLaura. I’m trying really hard…but I just don’t care.’ On the plus side, that was the wake-up call I needed to begin cutting her out of my life.

    My uncle was on a Hawaiian cruise when my grandfather passed away. When my mom called to tell him and give details about the funeral (in Jewish tradition we hold burials as soon as possible), my uncle asked if we could postpone the funeral until he was done with his vacation. My mom, of course, said no, and he didn’t come to the funeral. He then threatened to sue my mom for giving my grandpa’s ring to their other brother (like my grandfather had explicitly requested before his passing).
    I was at a bustling Trader Joe’s with a line meandering around the store. This engulfed a significant portion of the shopping area, including the entire refrigerated section. While making my way through the store, I happened to pass by a fellow customer who was engaged in some rather extensive stretching exercises. He had stretched his leg out to the side, creating a barrier that obstructed the passage for others. Despite positioning myself to the side, he stubbornly kept his leg raised, hindering my path. He glared at me with disdain and proceeded to insultingly refer to me as an asshole for not allowing him to freely perform his stretches. It was a truly baffling encounter with an individual exhibiting an extreme case of ‘main character syndrome.’ As if to say, ‘I apologize, sir, please continue with your stretching routine amidst this crowded store.’
    I met a person in a new hobby, [and] we went for lunch. I wanted to test the friendship waters. I asked what they did for work, and they said they were currently unemployed. I said I was working for a science government agency. He then told me with zero hesitation, he was actually very knowledgeable in science and had once helped Stephen Hawking with an equation that he couldn’t solve — he had solved it by looking at it from a normal person’s point of view instead of a genius. He proceeded to tell me he didn’t take any credit or get his name mentioned but instead stayed on a retainer to continue to provide assistance. I never spoke to them again.
    A neighbor named Karen attended my father’s funeral and expressed to my mother that her husband couldn’t gather the strength to attend due to my dad’s sudden passing, as it had deeply unsettled him about his own mortality. It’s difficult to determine who was more distressing in that circumstance, even after 16 years.

    i'm dying, i may have as few as 50 years left
    ‘Big deal. My dad died of one. Be thankful he survived. I’m glad he’s okay, though’ — My controlling, insecure, jealous ex-boyfriend (now ex) after he finally woke up to me mass messaging him in fucking hysterics when my dad had a near-fatal heart attack in 2016.
    My sister-in-law threw a massive hissy fit because our son was born on her son’s birthday. This meant that her parents had to come and help us look after our two-year-old daughter during the birth and therefore had to miss her son’s birthday party (we live about six hours drive away from her). She was furious because we had a scheduled C-section and we could’ve had it a different day (the next available date they had was almost two weeks later which was an unsafe amount of time to wait due to a number of medical issues with the pregnancy). She cut contact with the family for a couple of weeks afterwards because she needed to ‘come to terms’ with everything.
    My mom posted my husband’s cancer on Facebook. It was new; she wrote about how hard it is for her to have her son-in-law sick with cancer. I received a barrage of ‘caring people’ offering advice, how to cope, how to manage, how to treat. I had to explain the same things over and over again. We were told he has a 40% chance of living in five years even with treatments. So I was dealing with this huge potential loss, while my messages and phones were running nonstop. No time to grieve, no time to process. She never understood that it was not her news to share.
    I used to be friends/roommates with a girl who … would constantly talk about herself. You would not be able to get a word in and if you did it was downplayed, not that bad as what she had gone through, or barley sympathized with, and if you were struggling with something she would give us ‘hard blunt truths’ which was really just a way to be an asshole without proper repercussions. I had just left my long-term boyfriend of three years and was having a hard time with him moving on with someone new and she [said], and I quote, ‘you have to shut up about him and move on’ and continued to rant on about how great this guy she was on and off dating was (they had been together for two months and had broken up at this stage).

    this isn't about you, it's about me, like everything
    I love my mom to death and I know she would go to the ends of the earth to help me, but she has some STRONG MC moments. My kid is getting married in March of next year where their partner is from originally (in the Midwest). They’ve decided to get married out there instead of where we live (high tourist area!) my mom was so upset that she’s done all of these things for them and supported them emotionally and how do they thank her?? Getting married elsewhere (both of my parents are in their 70s and hate to travel). I’m like…mom…you do realize they’re paying for their own wedding (I’m helping but it’s part of their wedding gift) and it would easily be twenty times more expensive to have it here than in the Midwest…This is only a small snippet of crap she’s said.
    I have an ex-friend who somehow made my father’s death, my abusive relationship, my pregnancy and my emergency premature delivery, our friend’s suicide, and much more all about her. Vaguebooking about things when I didn’t know if my baby was even healthy yet. I had not announced anything online since it was two months early and both my son and I almost died. (I explicitly told my family and two close friends to not post.) She yelled at me for not crying at my dad’s funeral while having total breakdown where I had to carry her out of a restaurant. Like over my shoulder. My dad was a surrogate dad to a lot of my friends, but he was my best friend- I was in shock, for fuck’s sake.
    My mother was such a nightmare. Whenever I had a good grade she would go, ‘I had better grades, not everyone can be as smart as me.’ She always told me how she was the prettiest, most popular girl and I’m unfortunately nothing like her. When I had my first boyfriend, she told me. ‘I’m so glad you found a guy who doesn’t care about looks; everyone eventually finds someone.’.

    not everyone wants to be blair waldorf and blair replies, not everyone can be
    When I was in my early 20s, this coworker who was in her mid-30s decided to ‘befriend’ me and always invited herself into my plans when I didn’t ask her. She called me the morning of my birthday because she needed to be picked up from a hotel along with some random dude she met off OKCupid after a drunken night at the beach bars. Apparently, she got so wasted she forgot where she left her purse with her car keys so didn’t have access to her car. I spent my whole birthday hauling her a** and this dude around town trying to get them situated.
    My father-in-law is a textbook example of this. I can think of so many stories, but here is just one. A few years ago, I miscarried my first pregnancy at 11 weeks. A few days later, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, who were also pregnant for the first time, had a Jack and Jill baby shower, but my husband and I didn’t feel like we were in a good emotional place to go so we stayed home. An hour or so after it was supposed to start, we get a call from my father-in-law asking where we were. We explained that we just miscarried a pregnancy and felt that the best thing to do for our mental health would be to lay low. His reaction to this, instead of expressing sympathy and understanding, was to flip out in anger over not knowing about the pregnancy in the first place.
    My dad passed away in late 2019, tragically losing his battle with cancer. During this difficult time, there was a situation that arose with an acquaintance who expressed disappointment at not being invited to the funeral. It’s important to understand that a funeral is not a social event, but a time for grieving and honoring the memory of a loved one. The insensitivity displayed by this individual highlights the need for compassion and empathy during times of loss.
    I had a goldmine of a friend like this. Among other things, at 15 I was once almost abducted by a stranger and I called her crying that night because I just needed a friend. I think I said two sentences about it before we spent the rest of the call talking about her.

    And finally…”When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I told my hubby and son, my parents, my best friend and my bosses. I asked that they please keep it to themselves as hopefully I’d only need surgery and no one else would need to know. Two weeks later I’m getting weird (kind) messages on my Facebook wall from high school friends I’d seen at a reunion two years prior. Then my poor dad calls to tell me that while they’d been out grocery shopping they’d run in to a couple of moms from my old school. My mother told them everything, except the bit where I didn’t want it to be general knowledge. I don’t blame those ladies for telling their kids, they didn’t know better.”
    What’s been your worst experience with someone with Main Character Syndrome? Let us know in the comments!

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