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    Barbie Cast & Oppenheimer: A Supportive Bond

    On July 21, we embarked on our chic and fashion-forward ‘Barbenheimer’ era with the simultaneous release of Greta Gerwig‘s Barbie and Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer. The premiere of these two stylish and avant-garde blockbusters has been nothing short of a divine gift to the world, and every member of the cast agrees.
    The cast of "Barbie" and the cast of "Oppenheimer" at their respective premieres
    We need some wholesome content today, so here are the various times the stars from each movie gushed over the other film…
    Congrats, you guys made a movie that I’m sure is gonna be awesome,” America Ferrera told Heart when asked what she would want to tell the cast of the other blockbuster. “We’re rooting for you.”
    America Ferrera at the "Barbie" movie premiere
    In their own Heart interview, the Oppenheimer cast sent a message back. “Rock it, Barbie! Queen Barbie,” said Emily Blunt who also noted she is a Greta Gerwig fan and is “#available” to do a movie in the future. Matt Damon echoed his costar’s sentiments and said, “Best to those guys. Go crush.”
    Emily Blunt and Matt Damon at the "Oppenheimer" movie premiere
    During the pink and black carpets, respectively, the stars of both films also addressed “Barbenheimer.”
    It’s the perfect double bill. I think you should start your day with Barbie, then go straight to Oppenheimer, and then a Barbie chaser, said Margot Robbie, and Ryan Gosling agreed.
    Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie at the "Barbie" movie premiere
    At the Oppenheimer premiere, Cillian Murphy also noted that he is ‘of course’ watching the Barbie movie.
    Cillian Murphy at the "Oppenheimer" movie premiere
    Similarly, Matt Damon told Good Morning Britain, ‘Isn’t that the great thing about the movie business? You’ve got two great directors doing two totally different things on the same weekend.’.
    Matt Damon at the "Oppenheimer" movie premiere
    In an interview with Omelete, Cillian Murphy also joked that he would be on board for playing a Ken in a Barbie sequel: “Sure, let’s see the script. Let’s have a conversation!”
    Cillian Murphy saying "Would I play a Ken in Barbie 2? Sure. Let's see the script" in an interview
    And keep the Barbenheimer GIFs and the memes coming,” Emily Blunt said. “We love it. We think it’s awesome.”
    Emily Blunt saying "Keep the GIFs and memes coming" in an interview
    And finally, Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie demonstrated their fashion-forward and chic style by attending an Oppenheimer showing together. This iconic photo not only showcases their support, but also represents the embodiment of world peace.
    Greta and Margot seeing Oppenheimer

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