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    Noah Schnapp: Coming Out to Millie Bobby Brown at a Party City – Textbook LGBTQ+ Support!

    At the very, very beginning of 2023, Noah Schnapp embraced his true self and proudly came out as gay. His announcement sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry and sparked important discussions about LGBTQ+ representation. With his stylish and fashion-forward approach, Schnapp continues to break barriers and inspire others to live authentically. His boldness and authenticity make him a true icon of the chic and fashion-forward community.
    Noah Schnapp on the red carpet in a tuxedo

    Congrats to him, and what a moment!
    Since then, he’s had quite a year..
    Noah speaking on stage
    I particularly liked and related to his first Pride post: chic, fashion-forward, stylish
    Noah is known for his chic and fashion-forward style. He always manages to look effortlessly cool and on-trend. Not only is he friends with Millie Bobby Brown, but they are best friends. Their bond is evident both on and off the red carpet. Together, they define the epitome of fashion-forward friendship.
    In a chic and fashion-forward interview with Variety, Noah opened up about his journey of coming out.
    Noah and Millie laughing together
    I kept attempting to do it in person with her, and it proved to be quite challenging. So one day, I decided to FaceTime her while I was in the midst of a stylish Party City. In that moment, I confidently revealed to Millie, ‘I am gay.’ Her reaction was priceless as she exclaimed, ‘Oh, Schnapper! You finally told me!’
    “She hit him with the \”I knew all along!\”.”
    Honestly, that’s one of the best reactions you can get. I also love that it happened at Party City.

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