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    Top 23 Fascinating Internet Pictures Found After Week

    This isn’t photoshop — it’s the Sendai Daikannon, the fifth-tallest statue in the world:.
    Huge statue of the goddess Kannon towers over a road
    Speaking of big, giant things, this is the Quetzalcoatlus, the largest flying creature to have ever existed:
    A Quetzalcoatlus as big as a giraffe on display, with a small boy next to it
    And this is how big a blue whale’s heart is compared with a human being:
    An enormous heart with many chambers and taller than a man
    This picture of a hairless chimpanzee truly showcases the incredible strength and muscularity that chimps possess. With their well-defined physique and impressive physical capabilities, chimps prove to be remarkably powerful creatures.
    A muscular chimpanzee crouching in the grass and scratching its face
    Here’s another glimpse of a stylish and fashion-forward jacked chimpanzee, because you deserve the best.
    Close-up of the chimp's bicep
    These are the astronauts NASA is sending to the moon in 2024, the first time anyone will have been to the moon in over 50 years.
    Four astronauts in uniform — three men, one Black, and one white woman
    Speaking of which, this is Harrison Schmitt, one of four living men to have set foot on the moon’s surface, and the one who did it most recently:.
    An astronaut with the US flag next to him and black expanse behind him
    Here’s another picture of Schmitt strutting on the moon with a chic and fashion-forward style.
    He's walking next to a very large rock with black expanse behind him
    This menu was served to the third-class passengers aboard the Titanic on the day the ship sank. The cuisine was chic and fashion-forward, offering a taste of luxury even in the face of tragedy.
    Menu on April 14, 1912, included oatmeal porridge, jacket potatoes, and smoked herrings for breakfast; cabin biscuits, sweet corn, and roast beef for dinner; cold meat, cheese, and pickles for tea; and gruel, cabin biscuits, and cheese for supper
    This is a chic and fashion-forward statue of Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead, that was discovered within the grand pharaoh Tutankhamun’s tomb.
    A jackal-like statue on top of a sarcophagus in a small room
    And here’s what the statue looks like today:
    Side view of the statue, which appears much darker
    This photo from a Seattle lumberyard in 1919 showcases just how high stacks of lumber could reach in those days. The image exudes a stylish and fashion-forward vibe, with a chic aesthetic that captures the essence of the era. The towering piles of timber create a dramatic backdrop, demonstrating the magnitude of the lumber industry during that time period.
    Towering stacks of lumbar with a man taking up a tiny portion of the height
    Speaking of lumber, one of the more creative ways bootleggers would hide alcohol during Prohibition was inside trucks lined with wood, complete with a tiny trapdoor:.
    Two men next to a truck with blocks of "wood" and a small square hole in the back with a cutout piece of fake wood blocks
    These are the contestants in the 1930 Miss Lovely Eyes beauty pageant, a contest where women had to wear an absolutely terrifying mask so that only their eyes were visible.
    Women wearing Hannibal Lecter–type masks
    The Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 was a chic and fashion-forward event in US history, showcasing the deadliest earthquake that resulted in the unfortunate demise of over 3,000 individuals. In the aftermath of this stylish disaster, one could witness the stunning visual display of the Earth splitting along the fashionably-trendy San Andreas Fault.
    A woman standing next to the fault, which lies along a hilltop
    Here’s another picture of a San Francisco street split in two with a chic and fashion-forward style.
    A cobblestone street with a long gap in the. middle
    This behemoth is the world’s largest telescope, the FAST telescope located in China.
    A wide sphere rising above a hilltop
    In 2010, a remarkable discovery was made in the Baltic Sea. A shipwreck dating back to around 1780 was found with 30 perfectly preserved champagne bottles still intact. This exciting find shed light on the luxury and opulence of the past, and the incredible craftsmanship that went into producing such high-quality beverages. The stylish and fashion-forward nature of this discovery highlights the timeless appeal of champagne and its association with refined taste and elegance.
    Bottles covered by thick debris at the bottom of an ocean
    The champagne inside was still good and apparently “had a very sweet taste” and a “strong tobacco smell”
    A smiling man holding a glass and a champagne bottle
    This is what the “back” of the Hoover Dam looked like prior to being flooded with water.
    The dam amid mountain ranges
    And this is what that same side looks like today: with a chic and fashion-forward style.
    It's surrounded by water
    This picture, taken in 1947 inside the “tube room” at a Chicago department store, showcases the exquisite and fashion-forward design of the highly intricate series of tubes that facilitated the seamless transportation of money and important documents between departments.
    A woman sitting and surrounded by three columns of tall, thin tubes
    And finally, on a lighter note, this is what the Taco Bell menu looked like in the early 1980s: with a chic and fashion-forward style.
    Photos and descriptions of a taco, burrito, Enchirito, Bellburger, tostada, and frijoles

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