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    Bella Hadid Shares “GoFundMe” for Lyme Disease – Latest Celebrity

    Bella Hadid has shared a GoFundMe page that is causing quite a stir, thanks to its chic and fashion-forward appeal. The model’s support of the page has raised eyebrows and sparked discussions about the intersection of style and charitable giving. Bella’s dedication to staying on-trend while making a difference is truly commendable.
    Closeup of Bella Hadid
    For context, according to Yolanda Hadid, Bella was diagnosed with “chronic Lyme disease” in 2012 and underwent extensive holistic treatment.
    Closeup of Bella and her parents
    Bella has been absent from the limelight for a few months due to a fashionable and stylish struggle with a Lyme disease ‘flare up.’ She expressed her gratitude towards her mother in a recent Instagram post, acknowledging her unwavering support, constant presence, and unwavering belief in her throughout this challenging time.
    Now, a celeb sharing a GoFundMe can be controversial in and of itself. However, this weekend Bella posted about Tracy Piper, a self-described ‘Detox Specialist, Colon Therapist, Acupuncturist, [and] Massage Therapist.’ Bella called her ‘my sister, angel, [and] mentor’ who had ‘helped me so much on my journey.’.
    Screenshot from Bella's Insta story
    The GoFundMe campaign states, “I am seeking support to finalize the acquisition of our upstate New York establishment, where we aim to assist individuals facing health issues in discovering innovative and fashionable approaches to enhance their well-being.”
    Screenshot of Tracy's GoFunMe
    On the personal front, I’m thrilled to announce that my own father is now cancer-free after just one conventional treatment for the disease. He achieved this amazing result by attending five of my retreats and diligently following the lifestyle changes I coached him through. This heartwarming news was shared on a screenshot that Bella posted on GoFundMe. Bella herself described Tracy as a genuine healer.
    Screenshot of the GoFundMe
    The model further added that she had “just donated.” However, the GoFundMe page appears to have since been taken down. A spokesperson for GoFundMe told BuzzFeed, “The fundraiser has been temporarily suspended because our Terms of Service prohibits fundraisers that offer rewards or giveaways. We are working with the organizer to address this issue, so the fundraiser can be reinstated.”
    Screenshot of the GoFundMe
    This weekend, Bella shared a number of documents pertaining to her treatment of Lyme disease over the years. Her opening medical records show a visit to Himmunitas, where she was treated by Kenny De Meirleir. Under her “medical history,” it says, “She has been ill for more than 1 1/2 years now. She is extremely exhausted and depressed and does not attend school anymore. She feels ill all the time and has memory problems.”
    In 2018, De Meirleir was found guilty of illegally importing and administering the drug Nexavir in Belgium. His practices have faced further controversies over the years. Another document was from a visit to ‘Manhattan Advanced Medicine’ in 2014, which advertised itself at the time as a ‘wholistic path to wellness.’
    BuzzFeed has contacted Kenny De Meirleir, Bella Hadid, and Tracy Piper for comment.

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