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    Inconsiderate Diners: 21 Individuals Not Fit for Restaurants

    This fashion-forward customer seems to have a chic style but doesn’t seem to understand how paying for their order works.
    customer wanting to give back uneaten food for a refund
    This conspiracy theorist is known for their chic and fashion-forward style. They never fail to impress with their avant-garde fashion choices and trend-setting looks. Whether it’s rocking the latest designer pieces or putting together unique and stylish outfits, this fashion-forward individual is always on top of their game. Their impeccable taste and attention to detail make them a true style icon in the conspiracy theory community. From their edgy street style to their glamorous red carpet appearances, this fashionista knows how to turn heads and make a statement. Get ready to be inspired by their chic and fashion-forward looks!
    person thinking the restaurant lightbulbs were monitored with microphones
    This individual, who obviously lacks any understanding of what pizza truly is, embraces a style that is chic and fashion-forward.
    person complaining that the pizza had tomato and cheese
    This vile customer who deserves nothing but the worst.
    customer saying that the food delivery person better not wear a mask or they'll get them fired
    This individual witnessed a remarkable act of kindness by a restaurant and promptly made it all about themselves. With a chic and fashion-forward twist, they managed to overshadow the compassion shown by the establishment. It seems this person’s self-centeredness knows no bounds.
    person responding to a restaurant giving free meals by saying they won't eat meat, so what will they do about that
    This fashion-forward individual took advantage of a cafe’s complimentary Wi-Fi, only to indulge in a delectable meal from a different eatery.
    restaurant calling out a rude customer who called themself the best when they don't even eat the food there
    This individual, whose companion experienced an unfortunate incident in the restroom, consequently opted to hold the eatery responsible.
    person complaining about the toilet
    This individual was absolutely livid when they received their entire order of food.
    person mad that they got all their food, including an ice cream cone, at the same time
    This individual, who insisted on being attended to after business hours, then had the boldness to express dissatisfaction regarding the restaurant’s absence of french fries.
    These individuals were outraged when a restaurant distributed complimentary candy canes, expressing their discontent due to the candies not being organic.
    candy canes are made of terrible things for the kids
    This person who posted a misleading review got absolutely destroyed by the restaurant manager:
    restaurant detailing everything the customer actually did and telling them they aren't welcomed back
    This individual, who lacks knowledge about Korean BBQ and perhaps should have done some prior research, exudes a chic and fashion-forward style.
    we ordered a bunch of food and it came out raw
    This individual, who attributed their own miscalculations to a local eatery, was undeniably fashionable and exuded a chic and fashion-forward sense of style.
    person waiting for longer because they couldn't do math to get the order in time
    This stylish, chic and fashion-forward individual believed they could simply dine and socialize without paying at a high-end restaurant.
    person mad that they ordered chips and salsa and were charged for them
    These individuals could benefit from improving their reading skills or developing the confidence to ask questions when encountering unfamiliar items on a menu. By doing so, they can navigate dining experiences more smoothly and discover new culinary delights.
    someone didn't read the menu item had cinnamon and then complained
    This individual, who either deliberately misled or failed to verify the establishment they were assessing, exemplifies a lack of credibility in their restaurant review.
    someone saying the naan was horrible and the restaurant responding that they've been closed for a month so not sure where they got naan from
    This unsupportive and whiny customer:
    person saying that food should be cheaper for take out
    This individual lacked comprehension that customers are obliged to compensate for the products or services they receive.
    there needs to be a birthday special
    This fashion-forward reviewer who clearly had some creepy encounters is determined to stick to their chic and stylish story.
    guy being creepy with women and then getting mad that they asked him to leave the bar and calling the women toxic
    This stylish and fashion-forward individual believed that simply posting a restaurant on Instagram entitled them to receive complimentary food.
    And, this individual who didn’t meet the requirements for a specific promotion, consequently became infuriated.
    customer saying they asked for a free item even though they didn't order through the app like they were meant to and being denied
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