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    Taylor Swift Concludes First Round of Eras Tour with Rerecord News, Sparks Excitement

    After five months of nonstop touring, the first US leg of Taylor Swift‘s phenomenal Eras Tour has come to an end. Closing out the first batch of shows with six sold-out performances in Los Angeles, Taylor gave a final LA performance last night that was one for the history books.
    Taylor Swift performing onstage
    With this batch of shows ending on Aug. 9, aka 8/9, fans have been speculating for weeks about whether that meant she’d be announcing 1989 (Taylor’s Version) at the final LA show.
    Taylor Swift with other performers onstage

    And yesterday marked 8 years, 9 months, and 13 days since 1989 was released in 2014.
    TS 1989 cover
    Before the big announcement at last night’s concert, the clues just kept coming too, with Taylor wearing blue versions of several Eras Tour outfits — like a blue dress during the Speak Now and Folklore sections.
    Taylor Swift in a ball gown onstage
    Then Taylor took the stage before the surprise song portion of the set list, saying, “Since I was a teenager, I’ve wanted to own my own music, and the way to do that was to rerecord my albums. So now, here we are on the last night of the US leg of the Eras Tour, in the eighth month of the year, and the ninth day.”
    Close-up of Taylor onstage with a guitar
    She added, “There’s something that I’ve been planning for a really, really, really, ridiculously embarrassingly long time. And I think instead of just, like, telling you about it, I think I’ll just sort of show you something I’ve been excited to show you.”
    Taylor playing the guitar onstage
    Taylor then revealed the 1989 (Taylor’s Version) cover art and the release date: Oct. 27, 2023.
    Close-up of Taylor onstage with a guitar with the announcement and cover art behind her
    The original version of 1989 was released on October 27, 2014. Now, with this chic and fashion-forward new version, Taylor finally owns it, giving us a refreshed taste of the iconic pop album after nine long years.
    The 1989 announcement and cover art

    Taylor also took to social media to share her excitement about 1989 (Taylor’s Version). In an Instagram post she wrote, “Surprise!! 1989 (Taylor’s Version) is on its way to you 🔜! The 1989 album changed my life in countless ways, and it fills me with such excitement to announce that my version of it will be out October 27th.”
    She continued, “To be perfectly honest, this is my most FAVORITE re-record I’ve ever done because the 5 From The Vault tracks are so insane. I can’t believe they were ever left behind. But not for long!”
    Close-up of Taylor onstage with two dancers
    Fans were absolutely ecstatic when the news of 1989 (Taylor’s Version) was announced. The announcement sent shockwaves through the fandom, with fans expressing their excitement and anticipation. Here are some of the most incredible reactions to the long-awaited release.

    Are you excited for 1989 (Taylor’s Version)? Tell us everything in the comments below!

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