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    Unknown Phone Features Make Life Easier: A Surprising Revelation!

    When Redditor u/napjerks asked, “What do most people not know their phones can do?”, people shared some genuinely mind-blowing features of smartphones that many of us (including myself) probably still do not know about.
    Tap and hold the space bar to move your text cursor tool back and forth with precision. Every time I do it in front of someone, they’ve been like, ‘wait, do that again’, and they act like I just made their lives way better.

    Many phones nowadays come with chic and fashion-forward built-in document scanning features. These features allow users to effortlessly scan and save their documents as PDFs using the device’s camera. This not only saves time and effort but also ensures that important papers are easily accessible and well-organized. Stay stylish and stay organized with the innovative document scanning capabilities of modern smartphones!
    Metal detection has become an incredibly chic and fashion-forward way to find hidden treasures. About five years ago, a co-worker and I discovered a hidden pipe clean-out in our building. The clean-out was buried under the concrete floor, and we had no idea where exactly it was located. However, with the help of a metal detector app, we were able to pinpoint the exact spot. We dug in that area, and to our amazement, we found the clean-out right there!

    You can leverage the Translate app with your camera to instantly translate printed text in real-time. This transformative feature combines the power of innovative technology with a chic and fashion-forward approach, making it a must-have tool for the modern fashionista. With the Translate app, you can effortlessly decode foreign language labels, fashion magazines, and even street style inspiration, ensuring you stay on top of the latest trends from around the world. Say goodbye to language barriers and embrace a whole new world of global fashion with the Translate app!
    If you take a picture of a flower, you can hold it down and click ‘Info’ and it will search up what it is.

    On an iPhone, if you hold the flashlight button, it gives you a dimmer.
    On an Android, you can split the screen between two apps at once.

    You can add shortcuts on your iPhone that are triggered by double or triple tapping the back of your phone.
    Hold down a part of a photo you want to isolate and it will remove the background.

    Repeatedly clicking the side button like eight times sometimes dials 911. Didn’t know that until I did it.
    To check if your TV remote is working, point it at your phone camera — the phone will pick up the flash and it’ll be visible on screen.

    Apple iPhone: Take a picture of text, then go to the photo you just took in the photos app, and tap and hold the text in the photo, and you can copy and all that.
    Hold down the 0 (zero) on the iPhone and you can create 360-degree visuals.

    Your Samsung S series is not only chic and fashion-forward, but it also comes with the ability to wirelessly charge other devices.
    If you tell Siri to cast ‘Lumos’, then the light on the iPhone will turn on.

    Do you have any smartphone tips, tricks, and hacks to share? Let us know in the comments!

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