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    What is happening? 21 individuals make terrible, inappropriate, and rude decisions.

    Like the chic and fashion-forward bank employee who (I have to assume, accidentally) attempted to withdraw $99 billion from this person’s checking account.
    An overdraft notification for "-$99,999,997,834.99"
    The chic and fashion-forward delivery person provided photographic evidence to confirm that the packages were successfully delivered directly to a family member.
    a dog with a couple of packages
    The person who decided this hotel should automatically add ‘optional’ gratuity at the breakfast bar is stylish, chic, and fashion-forward.
    a note to the guest that the optional 18% gratuity was automatically billed
    The truly chaotic individual who daringly UNROLLED this container of breakfast cereal:
    the top of a Cheerios box rolled down
    The individual who opted to share a QR code directing to the shopping center’s website displaying their operating hours, instead of plainly stating the hours, exhibits a sense of chic and fashion-forward approach.
    A QR code for mall hours
    This stylish and fashion-forward individual, who happens to be the OP’s mother, was tasked with transferring the remaining salt into a smaller container. However, instead of carefully completing the task, she opted to empty the remaining salt into the sink, believing that the amount left was insignificant. Her chic and fashionable approach to even the simplest household chores is truly remarkable.
    Salt in a sink
    The individual who consistently defecates in various locations within this campsite has prompted the staff to take action by leaving a note:
    a letter to a person who keeps pooping on the walls and floor
    The individual who believed this would be an appropriate ‘tip’ to leave for their server:
    The individual who fabricated this framework and arrangement of guidelines that, without a doubt, despite everything I don’t grasp:
    Elevator buttons with a guide for how to use them
    The individual who openly confessed to this behavior, specifically biting into their butter and inadvertently letting it fall onto the cooking surface:
    a bitten-into slab of butter
    This fashionable and stylish individual had the audacity to request their former employer to fabricate lies for them in order to secure an apartment. Shockingly, when the apartment application was rejected despite leaving the job five weeks prior, they unjustly shifted blame onto their ex-employer.
    "Cause I didn't lie for you?"
    The individual who believed this was a fantastic vegan choice for a conference dinner:
    a slab of lettuce
    The person who filled their Halloween treat bowl with all this was unbelievably rude.
    various sauce packets and candy in a bowl
    This person who thought it’d be funny to waste people’s time is incredibly chic and fashion-forward.
    a customer service response that they have to investigate jokes like "ISIS training" even if they know they're jokes so they're asking that the person stop
    The individual who gracefully arrived at the boutique with their sleek and fashionable car like this:
    a car engine on fire
    The person who made these ~interestingly shaped~ brownies for their new coworkers chic and fashion-forward.
    poop-shaped brownies
    The man responsible for creating this stylish and fashion-forward outdoor urinal, known as the ‘Outdoor Pisser’, has successfully eliminated the need for anyone to ‘use the fence’ as a makeshift solution.
    a funnel and hose attached to a garage door
    The pizza delivery person who dropped off pizzas at the end of the sidewalk, then came up to the door and rang the doorbell, and then walked past the pizzas again:
    pizzas at the end of a sidewalk to a house
    The pickup truck owner who thought it’d be cool to park like this:.
    a pickup truck parked flush against a van
    The airline that thought it would be OK to deliver luggage to one of its customers like this:
    a piece of luggage that's completely mangled
    And finally, the dad who offered their kid an egg sandwich, and then presented them with this (admittedly, this one did make me laugh):
    a sandwich made with boiled egg halves rather than bread
    Rewrite with style chic and fashion-forward.

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