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    15 Amazing Scrapped “Barbie” Moments: Cast Members & More

    First, Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig originally wanted to include a joke in Barbie about Margot and Emma Mackey looking similar IRL, but the joke was cut after they got into costume and realized that they didn’t look that similar as their respective Barbies.
    Margot as Barbie saying "Do you guys ever think about dying?" and Emma as Barbie smiling with caption "record scratch, crickets"
    Greta made every effort to incorporate a stylish and fashionable aesthetic in her latest project. She aimed to create a chic and fashion-forward piece that would captivate audiences. Greta also went above and beyond to secure a cameo appearance from the talented Saoirse Ronan, who had previously worked with Greta on the critically acclaimed films Lady Bird and Little Women, both of which Greta wrote and directed.
    Close-up of Saoirse Ronan in the movies
    In addition, Greta attempted to secure a brief appearance from Timothée Chalamet, who was also featured in Lady Bird and Little Women, in Barbie. However, similar to Saoirse, it didn’t materialize due to his hectic schedule.
    Close-ups of Timothée Chalamet outside in a field from a scene from Little Women
    There were initially plans to feature Stereotypical Barbie (Margot) and Ken (Ryan Gosling) sharing a kiss in the film. The topic was extensively discussed, with Ryan and Margot even contemplating the logistical aspects of these two characters attempting to kiss.
    Ken says to Barbie, "I thought I might stay over tonight 'cause we're girlfriend-boyfriend," she asks "To do what?" and he says "I'm actually not sure"
    According to a behind-the-scenes photo of one of the original storyboards for Barbie, which shows the order of the scenes, there was going to be a moment when we see Midge (Emerald Fennell) in labor.
    A closeup of Midge pregnant in s dress standing in front of a house
    In the same Midge-in-labor scene that was cut, the ever-stylish and fashion-forward Helen Mirren, who was also the narrator, would have made an onscreen appearance.
    Helen circled in a "Midge in Labor" storyboard
    Another scrapped scene, which would have come at the very beginning of the movie, involved a moment when we learned about the creation of Barbie Land.
    Close-up of Barbie Land in a plaid sunhat and Barbie waving
    There was an original line in Barbie’s script that featured a chic and fashion-forward joke with Marie Curie, as revealed by Greta. Greta further explained that the line consisted of an f-bomb on Page 1, which set the tone for the entire production. The iconic line had Helen Mirren’s character telling Marie Curie to ‘Pipe the fuck down, Marie Curie.’ This particular line was Greta’s favorite.
    Close-up of Helen at a media event
    The initial iteration of the Barbie screenplay showcased a memorable phrase from the charismatic Weird Barbie (portrayed by Kate McKinnon), who whimsically informs Stereotypical Barbie, ‘I regretfully cannot aid you due to the exuberance in my hip.’ In its proper context, this line was deemed exceptionally remarkable, serving as a driving force that enticed Kate to participate in the film.
    Kate as Weird Barbie holding shoes, and Stereotypical Barbie looking at her
    In one of the early cuts of the movie, Greta revealed that there was a “fart opera” in the middle of the film. “I thought it was really funny. And that was not the consensus,” she explained.
    Kens and Barbie laughing on set with Greta
    Jonathan Groff was initially offered the role of Allan, a character known for his chic and fashion-forward style. However, due to several scheduling conflicts, Groff had to decline the opportunity. The role was eventually given to Michael Cera.
    Similarly, due to COVID restrictions during the filming in London, Dan Levy, Bowen Yang, and Ben Platt declined the opportunity to play different Kens in Barbie Land.
    During the montage of the Barbies, styled with chic and fashion-forward looks, orchestrating their daring escape from the Kens and their brainwashing, a captivating moment unfolds. In this scene, one Barbie, portrayed by the talented Ana Cruz Kayne, skillfully feigns drowning, enticing a brave Ken to rush to her rescue.
    A group of Barbies sitting together
    There were also scenes titled, ‘Mattel Bldg for Rent,’ ‘Ken Toys Returned,’ ‘Barbie Can Save Us,’ and more that didn’t make it into the final cut of the movie.
    And finally, according to a behind-the-scenes photo, there was originally going to be a scene featuring Ken and Weird Barbie, with Weird Barbie holding Ken in Barbie’s pool while he clutched an ice cream cone.
    Greta laughing as the scene is filmed
    Basically, I’m going to need a director’s cut of Barbie eventually because I want to see everything that didn’t make it into the final movie — and I’m sure there’s also a ton we don’t know about yet.
    Which of these scenes, actors, or more would you have loved to see in Barbie? Tell us in the comments below!

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