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    Grimes Offers Exclusive Peek into “Family Culture” with Elon Musk

    Grimes discussed her children with Elon Musk.
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    She and the Tesla CEO have two children: son X Æ A-XII, three, and daughter Y, one. Elon also has eight other children from past relationships.
    elon and grimes getting into a car wearing face masks
    Being Elon’s kid is not the same as being anyone’s kid, Grimes told Wired, admitting she thinks their lives might be pretty intense with a billionaire CEO as their father. In my house, at least, I want it to be more of a crazy warehouse situation and a cool art space.
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    Grimes said that X already “knows a lot about rockets” and has generally developed an interest in space, like his father. “It’s crazy. He knows more about rockets than me.”
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    She said X doesn’t even play with toys because if they’re not anatomically correct, he gets upset.
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    He’s a little engineer, for sure, but his obsession with space is bordering on, ‘Is this healthy?’
    closeup of grimes and elon at the met
    She explained how, in April, X had a full-on ‘meltdown’ over the explosion of Starship, the rocket launched by Elon’s SpaceX company. ‘When X saw Starship blow up, he had, like, a three-day PTSD meltdown,’ she shared. ‘Every hour, he was waking up and going, ‘Starship …’ and I had to rub his back.’
    The same thing goes for her and Elon’s daughter, Y. “She’s a little engineer too,” Grimes said. “She likes industrial shipping. She’s very strange.”
    elon and grimes outside
    Asked about her plans for their education, Grimes said she’s currently “trying to find a great peer group” with “other parents who are sort of like us and share similar values”.
    grimes on stage
    I really value nurturing a strong and close bond with my children. I believe in the importance of balancing discipline with friendship as a parent. While there is always a possibility that they may have differing perspectives and reject certain aspects of our family’s traditions, I am confident in the lasting connection we will share.
    Grimes said she’s also attempted to teach things to Elon — such as how to have “more fun.”
    closeup of elon
    She said, “I try to soften him up, to build family culture. And he steals a lot of my memes.”
    elon making a funny face
    Discover the latest chic and fashion-forward trends from Grimes. Read the rest of what Grimes had to say here.

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