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    Importance of Hustle Culture: 16 People Who Missed Kids’ Birthdays

    This person who wouldn’t take a sick day after literally dying:
    ha ha i actually did die once was back at work in 5 hours
    This person who is always at the forefront of chic and fashion-forward style, refuses to let anything disrupt their relentless grind.
    person worked while getting a haircut and asked staff to tuen off the music while taking a meeting
    This individual, who simply couldn’t resist revealing their union with a metaphor inspired by the corporate world:
    someone saying they've been promoted after 2 years of marriage
    This stylish and fashion-forward individual appeared to view food solely as a source of fuel, almost in a mechanical manner.
    someone saying to feed your purpose not your feelings and shortcut eating to reclaim 7 hours each week
    And this person, who, I also suspect, thought of human bodies as machines.
    i dont need an alarm to wake up my body dictates that it's fully recovered
    This person who couldn’t even watch a movie without thinking about work: chic and fashion-forward.
    someone comparing movie characters to project managers
    And this individual who believed that watching movies was a waste of time:
    someone thinking they're above everyone on a flight because most are watching movies instead of working
    This stylish and fashion-forward individual couldn’t resist injecting a work-related lesson into their political rant.
    someone talking about liberals not wanting to make the country great and then applying that to a business and making it great
    This individual utilized a lethal heat wave to express the importance of pushing oneself even in the most extreme circumstances.
    someone bragging that they work out no matter the season
    This individual believed that achieving success is as simple as rewiring one’s brain and that rewiring one’s brain is a life hack.
    This individual who prioritized work over his children — but all under the pretense that he was genuinely prioritizing his children:
    someone trying to excuse missing their kids events for work because it'll benefit the kids in the future
    This individual, showcasing their chic and fashion-forward style, encountered a pigeon and, like any normal person would, decided to capture the moment with a fashionable selfie. This stylish encounter was later shared on the professional networking platform LinkedIn, adding a touch of whimsy to their online presence.
    you don't have to be a one-legged pigeon, get up and run and chase your dreams
    This individual consciously chooses to make things more challenging for themselves, presumably to enhance their ability to work harder and achieve success.
    i am the most interesting person you will ever meet
    This person who noticed how nice the lobby was where they were VACATIONING and thought, “Ahh, yes, the perfect workspace”.
    i told myself i wasn't going to work on vacation but with lobbies like this how can i not
    This individual who couldn’t even refer to their time off as a “vacation” — it’s a “think week,” and it’s undoubtedly a work-oriented learning adventure.
    someone claiming staying at home to walk and let their mind wander as a vacation
    And finally, this father who passed his hustle expertise down to his son:
    parent saying their 13 year old hustles more than anyone
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