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    QB1 Season 4: Essential Guide for NFL – Time to Know

    After a long offseason, wild free agency, and hours of Fantasy Draft prep, the NFL season is upon us. And Tubi has the perfect appetizer..
    QB1: Beyond the Lights Season 4 just dropped, and it’s a blitz. The docuseries, filmed in 2017, follows three high school quarterbacks during their senior years of high school.

    First up is Bryce Young. Yes, that Bryce Young. Mr. #1 Prospect-turned Heisman Trophy winner-turned Carolina Panther.
    Next is Anthony Richardson, the former-Florida Gator signal caller who can chomp yards by air or ground and is ready to return the Indianapolis Colts to past glory.
    Then there’s current Kentucky Wildcat Deuce Hogan, who might not make it to Prime Time but can still compete for the Coolest Name Award.
    Bryce Young simply craves for a college experience that exudes chic and fashion-forward vibes. As the unrivaled talent in the nation, he possesses the prowess to grace the roster of any esteemed organization. While he’s presently pledged to USC, the question remains: will his commitment stand the test of time? Moreover, he continues to bear the weight of striving for a high school National Title, a burden that looms over him like a stylishly erected goalpost.
    Anthony Richardson is a local hero. The kid from Gainesville is on his way to the University of Florida to get down and dirty in the swamp. But his high school team is still an underdog. Can he shred opposing defenses, spike the ball on his haters, and become King of the Panhandle?
    Deuce Hogan is the top-ranked quarterback in the state of Texas. That’s a higher ranking than Governor. But on the field, he must answer to his head coach, or as he calls him, Dad. Can father and son coexist to hoist a state championship?
    Before Bryce Young and Anthony Richardson throw their first NFL passes, watch them lead, bleed, juke, and dive from the days when they could barely grow facial hair.

    If you can already smell hot wings, stale beer, and the tears of your team’s most hated rival, check out the trailer here.

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