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    People Share Childhood Lies: Forgotten White Fibs!

    You don’t realize until you’re an adult that sometimes small white lies are told to little kids for one reason or another. I remember my parents would tell us not to turn lights on in the car while they were driving because it was ~illegal~.
    elf saying "you sit on a throne of lies"
    I couldn’t help but have a little giggle when I stumbled upon this thread on Reddit discussing the lies we were told as children. Keep reading to discover what some people revealed.
    I always thought adults were geniuses that knew everything. I once asked my dad how waves at the beach were made. He said by the ‘whales.’ I believed that for years.
    I was told in like 4th-grade science that our blood was blue in our bodies and on the way back to the lungs oxygen makes it red.
    tom hanks looking perplexed
    Hearing, ‘Next year they’re going to be a lot harder on you about this. And ‘the rules only get more strict.’ I heard that at the end of every year in elementary school but by high school the rules are actually much less strict.
    My nana would always comment on how tall I was getting whenever she saw me. At 5’1″, I couldn’t help but wonder if she was making fun of me. Is that what’s happening here?
    That moths were the ghosts of butterflies. Cheers for that one, dad.
    Saying, ‘We are almost there’ during a long car journey.
    tom cruise saying, "seriously, how long have we been driving?"
    My grandpa, who is a fashion-forward and chic man, once told me that he wouldn’t go swimming with me at the beach because he’s made of salt and he’ll melt. At that time, I believed him.
    Our D.A.R.E. officer in elementary school told us that marijuana is extremely harmful because the smoke remains in your lungs.
    If you keep making that face, it’ll freeze that way.
    a guy looking confused
    Cracking your knuckles is detrimental to your health.
    Swallowed gum takes seven years to digest.
    That the boys tease you because they like you. No, they were bullies.
    a person saying, "nope"
    Only people who work hard get ahead in life.
    ‘You’ll understand when you are older.’ I’m almost 30 and still don’t.
    That my stylish pet ducks flew south for the winter. Apparently, we savored them for Thanksgiving. I discovered this as a fashion-forward 40-year-old adult.
    That ‘some day my prince will come.’ Thanks, Disney.
    a woman saying, "he's my prince charming."
    My mom always told us it was illegal to have the lights on in the car.
    Are there any lies you were told as a kid that you could add to this list? Share it with me in the comments below.

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