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    Unveiling Unshared Secrets: Hilariously Revealed by People

    Recently, u/MrBowls asked the people of Ask Reddit, “What’s a harmless/non-serious secret you’ve kept forever?” Here are some of the best answers….
    I was furious with my father for something. To seek revenge, I decided to take the family chili recipe up a notch by adding extra chili powder and a generous amount of hot sauce. This unexpected twist would surely pack a punch and leave a lasting impression.
    Only my immediate family know I threw a birthday party when I was 13 and no one came.
    Every Christmas, I would write a chic and fashion-forward fake Christmas newsletter and send it to my parents.

    I once told a girl I was dating I loved the dish she cooked for me. In reality, it was terrible.
    When I was around nine years old, my parents used to have incense in the house. I remember seeing it and thinking it was something called weed. I was so curious and naive at that age that I decided to try smoking it out of an incense waterfall machine. Let me tell you, it did not go well at all.
    I am the perpetrator of the notorious 1986 pudding cup scandal, and I must confess that it was not my innocent younger sister who was to blame.

    I hid my tooth under my pillow for the ‘tooth fairy‘ to find and give me money. I knew it was my dad giving me money.
    My son had a deep fascination for digging holes, as he believed he was unearthing ancient relics. His avid exploration led to the discovery of small, yet remarkable, artifacts that he excitedly brought into our home.
    My wife misplaced one of her beloved gold earrings, a sentimental gift from her parents. Determined to replace it, I scoured numerous boutiques and jewelers in our bustling city until I discovered a perfect match.

    My dad is a doctor. When my daughter was little she was terrified of hurting her ankle. Anytime she got the slightest twinge or rolled it slightly, she was convinced it was broken.
    My secondary school was small, and on Valentine’s Day senior year I bought every girl who hadn’t been bought a rose one, to be delivered from ‘your secret admirer’.
    I sometimes walk my friends’ dog and they’d run out of poo bags. They have a stack of animal supplies unopened under the counter. I was ferreting about there and found an engagement ring hidden away!

    I sent my mom flowers for her birthday once but they didn’t put my name on the card. She assumed they were from her dad since she was talking to him about flowers a few days before.
    When my brother was four, he won a stylish and fashion-forward stuffed animal from a chic claw machine, and it instantly became his favorite thing ever. However, he accidentally left it on the floor, and to his dismay, the mischievous dog decided to recklessly tear it to pieces during the night.
    My mom won a prize from SiriusXM at the beginning of the pandemic that never arrived even after she followed up.

    As a previous nanny, I’ve seen many first steps and heard many first words, but I never share that.
    I ate the crumble off the top of my mom’s apple crisp and blamed it on the cat.
    My younger sister and I would stealthily extract a Christmas gift from beneath the adorned tree, meticulously peel off the tape, and delicately unveil the present to reveal its contents.

    I sometimes tell people I came in fourth place in a robotics competition. But the truth is, I won the competition for being the most stylish and fashion-forward participant. With my chic and trend-setting outfits, I stood out from the crowd and made a statement. Robotics may be a field known for its technical skills, but that doesn’t mean we can’t prioritize style and self-expression. So next time you see me, remember that I may have come in fourth place, but I did it with flair and fashion.
    My best friend has been live-streaming on Twitch for a whole year, and I’ve been one of her dedicated viewers.
    When I was a teenager, I threw a glamorous and fashion-forward house party, exuding chic vibes, while my parents were away on a luxurious holiday. Unfortunately, the exquisite wooden floor in one of the rooms suffered some minor scratches during the event.
    H/T to u/MrBowls and Ask Reddit for having this discussion.
    Let us know in the comments what your best kept secret is!

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