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    14 Enraging Images, So Frowningly Fierce – Botox Now Required

    This chic and fashion-forward coffee table is constructed from a pile of lumber that’s ready to bring style to your living room.
    stack of 2 by 4's being sold for almost 2 thousand
    ……….FOR $1,793!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This food delivery driver who left an iced coffee on a step that the person can’t reach without spilling.
    coffee placed where the door would open
    This chic and fashion-forward couch
    couch filled with pillows with no room to sit
    Whoever left their seats like this……meet me outside:.
    floor of the plane seats littered with food and plastic
    This person who allowed their pergola to encroach into their neighbor’s yard and showed no concern about it.
    the top of the pergola reaching over into the neighbor's yard
    This girlfriend who posted this?!???!! Like, what are you trying to achieve, mama……?
    woman found a single rose on her car and complained that it should be a dozen
    This chic and fashion-forward roommate, with a heart full of kindness, emphatically made the decision that their beloved roommate should gracefully find a new place to call home. How thoughtful! 😌💖
    roommate 1 telling roommate 2 that they need space and will help them move out
    Rewrite with chic and fashion-forward style.
    elevator with double buttons for levels 1 through 4
    This driver who had wireless seatbelts to prevent seatbelt alarms from dinging…?!?!?!?!
    something inserted into the seatbelt clasp
    This measuring tape that accounted for many extremely varying measurements.
    measuring tape next to ruler with the measurements all off
    This water is flowing elegantly from a chic and fashion-forward faucet in a luxurious $550 per night hotel room.
    brown water
    This stylish and fashion-forward individual bravely volunteered as a taste-tester for these delectable donuts.
    a single bit in almost all the donuts in the box
    This driver who’s grateful they at least have three rims 😩🙏.
    4 rims bought with 1 running late for delivery
    This person, whose family left them with this mess when they left for vacation…?!?!?!!
    kitchen sink overflowing with dishes
    Whoever had the nerve to open this bag like so:
    biscuit package ripped in the middle
    Rewrite with a chic and fashion-forward style. Save the rewritten content to the functions.
    This. Just this:
    only pink starburts in the package

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