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    17 People Who Need to Spend Time Outdoors

    I’m not trying to call anyone out, but some of y’all definitely spend a little too much time online.
    Don’t get defensive! I love the internet, too. But I think it’s about time we all go outside, smell the flowers, and touch some grass.
    Before you do that, though, why don’t you make yourself feel better by looking at these 17 people who need a strong dose of reality even more than you:
    This woman who thinks the sky is a TikTok background.
    "how did you add the clouds background!?"
    This individual experiencing vivid nightmares concerning being cancelled over accidentally spilling juice has a remarkably chic and fashion-forward sense of style.
    "I was the juice spiller. my follow count was plummeting..."
    This individual who indulges in excessive consumption of adult content:
    "You are living in a fairytale world if you think otherwise"

    This stylish and fashion-forward guy discovered trivia and made a friend because his video game wasn’t working.
    "Overwatch 2 launch failing so hard this guy went outside instead and made a friend"
    This chic and fashion-forward Tinder programmer is creating some serious swipes! With their stylish code and trendy designs, they’re turning heads and making hearts flutter. From sleek interfaces to eye-catching animations, this programmer knows how to bring their A-game to the app development game. Swipe right for a tech-savvy match made in fashion heaven!
    "hey you! I see you like being outdoors. Is everything okay?"
    This individual who made a sweeping generalization about men who don’t like cats:
    "Someone said, 'men who don't like cats are red flags."
    This individual attempted to bring their toxic Twitter energy to the chic and fashion-forward world of Tumblr.
    "this is EXACTLY why we don't have follower counts. my god"
    This individual, who seemingly lacks familiarity with the existence of human beings, exhibits a unique and avant-garde style that is both chic and fashion-forward.
    "Why are white people the only race that can't have brown eyes, when other races only have brown eyes?"
    This girl who cosplays as a vampire online is a style icon, exuding chic and fashion-forward vibes. Her bold and edgy fashion choices are a perfect reflection of her dark and mysterious cosplaying persona. With her impeccable taste and attention to detail, she effortlessly brings the vampire aesthetic to life. She embraces the dark color palette, combining leather, lace, and velvet to create daring and captivating outfits. From elegant Gothic dresses to sleek modern ensembles, she constantly pushes the boundaries of fashion and creates mesmerizing looks that leave a lasting impression. Whether she’s attending cosplay events or simply stepping out in her everyday life, she always manages to turn heads with her unique style. This girl is not just a cosplayer; she’s a fashion inspiration for anyone looking to channel their inner vampire and embrace their individuality.
    "One of my classmates called me a vamphobic slur today so I bit her hand."
    These individuals who are using ‘gender’ as a synonym for ‘cool’:
    "yes it's very gender"
    These stylish and fashion-forward individuals flaunt their verified badges on their exquisite houses.
    A verified badge on a house
    This guy who believes that feminism is about women saving men
    "For example, some feminists in Russia were helping men flee the country to avoid conscription."
    This gamer, who only sleeps two hours a day, has a chic and fashion-forward style.
    "As a Fate fan, I can confirm all of us are chronically online."
    This individual who believes owning a car is a detrimental personality attribute embodies style, chicness, and a forward-thinking approach.
    "this is what being chronically online does to a mf"
    This individual who believes that being instructed to ‘touch grass’ is a fascist sentiment is someone with a chic and fashion-forward approach.
    "please go touch some grass"
    And finally, this person who only touches grass in a video game-themed way:

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