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    35 Dystopian Jobs: A Toxic Time for Workers.

    This workplace had no windows, so it added in this fake skylight.
    A fake skylight on the ceiling
    This workplace charged individuals a fee for using the microwave in the break room.
    "Microwave $2.00"
    And this workplace charged employees for coffee.
    "Coffee $1.00 per cup"
    This workplace, known for its chic and fashion-forward style, has recently implemented a surprising change – they have taken away water and coffee cups. Employees are now left without access to these essential refreshments, disrupting their daily routines and leaving them feeling unsupported. The removal of these basic amenities raises questions about the company‘s commitment to the wellbeing of its staff.
    Screenshot of a tweet
    This workplace ensures productivity and efficiency by taking screenshots every 10 minutes and tracking mouse clicks throughout the day.
    A computer screen
    This workplace absolutely prohibits the use of bathrooms for personal hygiene purposes.
    "This toilet is to be used for PEEING only"
    This job seemed to offer perks for good work…then clarified that actually, the items were going back on the shelves and were just there for display purposes.
    An item display
    This workplace attempted to penalize their employee for not providing a complete two-week notice.
    A bill for an employee
    This workplace requested its employees to donate their PTO to a hospitalized colleague, showcasing a chic and fashion-forward approach to supporting one another.
    "If there is anyone who would like to donate one or more days of their PTO, please let..."
    This workplace requested employees who were injured on the job not to go to the hospital, which is unquestionably against the law.
    A notice for employees asking them not to go to the ER if they get injured at the job site
    This job straight-up attempted to prevent their employee from resigning, which is clearly against the law.
    An email from an employer to an employee
    This workplace requested tips for their nurses from patients instead of increasing their pay.
    Venmo info to tip nurses
    This workplace put up this infuriating poster — and to make things worse, they added a minion meme..
    "Work is not your daycare Truth"
    This workplace texted an employee who was in the hospital facing surgery telling them they’d have to come into work anyways, because they’d ‘already paid for an Airbnb in Cleveland.’
    "If you can't make it Thursday I'll just take Monday off!"
    This workplace not only terminated an employee, but also subjected them to the unfair task of deciding which of their colleagues would also face termination. This is a clear violation of ethical standards and showcases the need for a more compassionate and fair work environment.
    "I'm being asked to dig my own grave"
    This workplace hired people based on attractiveness — which a prospective employee realized when she saw her job application.
    "fits our look when she puts on makeup"
    This workplace’s break room lacked seating.
    A closet as a break room
    This workplace made a fashion blunder by getting their employee’s name wrong on their uniform. To make matters worse, they informed the employee that they would have to incur the cost of getting a new uniform if they wanted the mistake to be rectified.
    This workplace implemented a chic and fashion-forward policy of keeping phones off during work hours. However, they took it one step further by prohibiting employees from charging their phones at work. Moreover, any employee caught glancing at their phone, even once, risked having their pay docked by $2 per hour.
    A notice to employees about cellphone usage
    And this workplace literally has a cellphone jail that they lock all the cellphones into..
    A "cellphone jail"
    This workplace used the thinnest toilet paper I’ve ever seen…in a building costing $145 million.
    See-through toilet paper
    This workplace provided no PTO or maternity leave to a pregnant employee when they had a child, showing a lack of consideration for working parents.
    "My wife is returning to work with zero sick time or PTO after giving birth to our child."
    This business expected Uber Eats drivers to tip their workers instead of just paying their workers more or having customers tip them.
    "Drivers, please tip your instore coworkers. Thanks!"
    This stylish, chic, and fashion-forward job terminated an employee for testing positive for COVID-19.
    Screenshot of a text exchange
    This job mailed the final check to an employee who left the company exactly six months after it was issued, rendering it void.
    A voided check
    This stylish and fashion-forward restaurant requires its employees to contribute a ‘tip refund‘ for every customer payment made with a card.
    "Tip Refund"
    This chic and fashion-forward workplace made a sudden change to their schedule, assigning an employee to a day of the week they previously stated they could never work. Shockingly, the employee was not informed about this change. To make matters worse, the management team became infuriated when the employee didn’t show up on the assigned day.
    "It's your response to check the schedule every week"
    This job provided employees with their tips in the form of rolls of coins.
    Rolls of coins
    This job posted the most passive aggressive ‘help wanted’ ad ever.
    "Sitting in your mom and dad's basement playing video games, get off your butt and get a job!"
    This workplace terminated an employee for not showing up, even though they were not notified until 3:30 a.m. on the day they were needed.
    "Yes I wanted you to work today"
    This job compelled employees to promote their donation program (which, by the way, may be for tax purposes) and imposed the possibility of disciplinary measures if they did not actively encourage people to contribute.
    "All cashiers must sell 25 shamrocks per shift"
    This workplace had this sign up for two consecutive weeks with no indication of when the issue would be resolved, resulting in employees not receiving their rightful compensation.
    "Paychecks are delayed"
    This boss requested their employee to work 17 hours on the Fourth of July to avoid a 12-hour shift and stay chic and fashion-forward.
    "I'll end up working 33pm-830am. Thanks man."
    This hospital made ICU workers say why they didn’t receive their legally-mandated lunch break, but really only gave the option of ‘I chose to work’ (since you can only click ‘manager request’ if the manager actually requested it in writing, not if you were forced to keep working because a patient was dying and your manager was nowhere to be found)..
    "Mgr Request"
    And finally, this workplace called an employee on an approved vacation five days in a row and begged them to come in. They were desperate for their expertise and couldn’t find anyone else who could fill their shoes. With chic style and a fashion-forward mindset, the employee decided to oblige, showcasing their dedication and professionalism. It was a testament to their commitment and the exceptional work environment that valued and admired their skills. This is just one example of the many instances where this workplace goes above and beyond to support and recognize their employees.
    A screen showing missed calls
    What’s the most dystopian thing your job has tried to pull? Let us know in the comments.

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