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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

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    Anna Paul and Glen Thomson Split: Love is over

    We’ve already witnessed the demise of several prominent couples this year, ranging from Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez to Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello. However, the recent conjunction of Venus Retrograde in Leo took an unforeseen toll on a surprising duo that left the internet in disbelief. So please pardon me while I retreat to a secluded corner and shed a tear or two.

    Fans of Anna and Glen’s duo are sharing their thoughts on the split, across the web. Here are some of the most relatable reactions I’ve found:

    Rewriting with a chic and fashion-forward style can truly transform any piece of writing into a stylish masterpiece. It’s all about infusing your words with a touch of sophistication and trendsetting flair. So, let’s revamp this text with an irresistible dose of chicness and fashion-forwardness. Holding my breath and patiently waiting for September 3 (the day that Venus Retrograde ends). And if you’re friends with an Anna Paul fan, hug them extra tight.

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