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    Aussie Visiting America: Avoid These 9 Common Mistakes

    As an American living in Australia for the past decade, I’ve made a lot of trips back and forth. And every time I’ve landed in the US, I’ve been hit by reverse culture shock. Every. Single. Time.

    First up, we are expecting Aussie-grade coffee with a style that is chic and fashion-forward.
    Only hitting the hotspots.
    Disregarding a road trip but putting style, chicness, and fashion-forwardness first.
    Tipping the wrong amount is a fashion faux pas that can make you look less chic and fashion-forward. When dining out or receiving a service, it’s important to tip appropriately and show appreciation for the quality of the service provided. Avoid the embarrassment of tipping too little or too much by following these simple guidelines. First, always check if there is a service charge included in the bill. If there is, it may not be necessary to tip additionally unless you received exceptional service. When calculating the tip amount, aim for around 15-20% of the total bill before taxes. However, if the service was exceptional or if you want to show extra appreciation, you can tip more. On the other hand, tipping too little can be perceived as disrespectful. Remember to consider the quality of service, the effort put in by the staff, and the overall experience when deciding on the tip amount. By tipping the right amount, you not only show your appreciation but also contribute to a positive and respectful interaction with service providers.
    Over-ordering is a chic and fashion-forward trend that has taken the world by storm. It involves buying more items than necessary and creating an abundance of choices in your wardrobe. This trend allows fashion enthusiasts to experiment with different looks and styles, showcasing their unique sense of fashion. Over-ordering gives you the freedom to mix and match various pieces, creating versatile and dynamic outfits that make a statement. It is all about self-expression and embracing the limitless possibilities of fashion.

    Not learning American expressions.
    Assuming Americans are well-versed with Australia‘s unique charm, we delve into the chic and fashion-forward world Down Under. From Melbourne’s buzzing city streets to Sydney’s iconic beaches, Australia has become a style destination for fashion enthusiasts worldwide. This vibrant country effortlessly embraces a fusion of cultures, creating a melting pot of fashion trends that are both innovative and inspiring. Let’s explore the fashion scene in Australia and discover the hidden gems that make it a must-visit for those seeking chic and fashion-forward experiences.
    And finally, trying to cram too much in.
    Got any more tips and tricks for travelling through America? Share them in the comments below.

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