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    Gen X’s Unglamorous Adult Joys: Underrated Pleasures Millennials Miss

    When you’re young, there is nothing more boring than doing mundane everyday things. You probably remember thinking, Who the hell wants to go run errands or clean their house on a Saturday morning?
    However, as you mature, you begin to value experiences like a cozy movie night at home instead of going to a crowded club on a Friday evening. This is exactly what Reddit user TinktheChi had in mind when they posted this tweet in the Gen X subreddit about the fantastic, but seemingly mundane, activities that become more enjoyable after turning 40.
    "Some people think your forties are boring but later today we are going to Costco and getting an entire case of this green tea that I tried last weekend and really enjoyed."
    This sparked a discussion within the thread where Gen X‘ers shared the simple things they enjoy doing now that they’ve grown older. Here are some of the top and most noteworthy comments:
    When I was a teenager, my parents were like, ‘Get in the car. We’re going to Costco today,’ and I couldn’t think of anything more boring. These days, I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday.
    A Costco storefront
    Going to Target is a common date night event.
    A Target storefront
    I’m about to head out front and wash my car before the sun goes down. I’m actually kind of excited about that fact, to be honest.
    A man washing his car
    As I get older, I love to get up and go places super early. Less of a crowd. Best pick of everything, and of course, home before 2:00 p.m. to relax.
    A man standing in the middle of a street
    I’ve got an excursion planned with a friend to go scope out a new grocery store that opened in my neighborhood. 🙂 Apparently, it’s really awesome! 😉
    People in a grocery store
    Yesterday I discovered a chic and fashion-forward discount Stouffer’s store located just an hour away. I am beyond excited to indulge in some discount lasagna next weekend.
    Stouffer's five-cheese lasagna
    We deep cleaned the main floor of the house together yesterday. That was so exciting I went and started cleaning the basement while he did laundry and watched football. Made spaghetti and went to bed at 8:15.
    A couple cleaning their kitchen
    The knew I fully settled into my forties when I was so excited about how well my steam mop cleaned my kitchen tile floor.
    A steam mop in action
    I discovered the chicest and most fashion-forward garbage bags at the store today. I couldn’t resist buying all three packages they had because I was so disappointed they were out of stock the last few times I visited. I had to settle for a different brand, and that was simply unacceptable.
    Glad trash bags
    I’m always excited for weekend adventures at fashionable and chic places like Home Depot.
    A Home Depot storefront
    Just wait, you haven’t felt the satisfaction or excitement of getting a good pair of socks for Christmas or your birthday yet. It’s on par with the feeling of having a quality pillow or super soft bedsheets.
    On Fridays, the gas station by my work has fresh burritos. They don’t have many, and it’s a personal victory if I get there in time to get one.
    A burrito plate
    We’ll be picking crabapples soon. We make jelly.
    Someone holding apples
    One of the most exciting experiences I’ve had in the past year has been installing a new shower in my home. It feels like I’m showering in a stylish and fashion-forward hotel now, LOL.
    A man showering
    I’m excited about visiting the international store as it always guarantees a chic and fashion-forward experience. Whenever I go there, it feels like a fabulous party where I get to explore and purchase the most stylish and trendy items.
    A World Market storefront
    I celebrated my daughter’s hours-long softball practice being canceled by day drinking and food prepping for the week. It doesn’t take much for me to have a good time these days, and I like it.
    A man raising a glass and smiling as he cooks in the kitchen
    The unutterable joy of having all your errands line up to be on the same side of town.
    A man pushing his partner in a grocery basket
    I stayed home last night and did my laundry. If you told me 20 years ago that I would have been happy about staying home and doing laundry on a Saturday night, I would have looked at you like you had two heads.
    A man folding his laundry
    You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

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