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    Toxic Workplaces: Causes That Drove 23 People Out—Unpacking It All!

    Reddit user u/Prudent617 posed the question, ‘What was the reason you ended your last job?’ The question clearly struck a chord with many, as the thread quickly became filled with an influx of personal anecdotes and stories. Let’s take a look at some of the responses:
    The boss reduced employee salaries by 30% for everyone except his wife and child, both of whom also worked for the company. This decision was made after the boss enjoyed a lavish 12-day vacation with his extended family.
    Both my officemates were crying at their desks due to stress when I received a message from my boss that I was working too slow and was no longer allowed to wear headphones at my desk. That was the last straw. I took a break, ran it by my partner, and submitted my two week’s notice. They told me I could just finish out the day. Now, I run my very own doggy daycare and couldn’t be happier, or less stressed. Don’t put up with it, people.

    The company did not provide bereavement days. When I requested time off to attend my father’s funeral, my manager expressed inconvenience due to the staffing shortage and insisted that I come to work. I firmly stated that I was not willing to miss my father’s funeral for the low wage of $11 per hour. As a result, I was terminated from my job the following day.
    I nearly lost my nose to frostbite after working in -80°C (with windchill). When the day was done, I got to go back to camp. They refused to evacuate the work camp in a -60°C cold snap when we lost power, and with it, heat. We had to sleep in -30°C with a thin blanket and whatever clothes we had in the closet. I fell asleep prior to the power outage, so I never had the opportunity to put on anything. It was -63°C outside the camp. The warmest it got was -49°C. No lights, just cold and darkness. It looked like something out of The Walking Dead. I told the camp manager if it ever happened again, I was going to take apart furniture and burn it for warmth.

    Snow falling at night
    I embarked on a glamorous career as a gate security at a cutting-edge nuclear power plant. Embracing the chic and fashion-forward style of the job, I devoted 40 hours a week to safeguarding the premises without a single complaint. However, everything took a drastic turn when the management abruptly terminated three employees without any valid reason. Suddenly, I found myself obligated to work a grueling 80 hours a week, leaving me with little time for essential tasks like grocery shopping. To compound matters, my supervisor commenced micromanaging every aspect of my work, even as I toiled for exhausting 16-hour shifts. As if that were not enough, they demanded that I train new employees, promising an enticing $2 per hour raise that never materialized. Amidst these challenges, my car experienced some mechanical issues, forcing me to make an urgent trip to AutoZone to acquire a replacement part. Nonetheless, I successfully resolved the issue and returned to work the following day, ensuring my perfect attendance record of six months remained untarnished.
    The other esthetician I worked with constantly left the room, products, brushes, etc. absolutely disgusting. All brushes and products should be sanitized and wiped down after every single client. She would also come in blasted off of whatever pills she decided to take that day. Police followed her once. Boss wouldn’t fire her because she didn’t want to get audited again by the IRS since she committed tax fraud during COVID. I’m not losing my license over a trashcan of a spa and incompetence.

    An esthetician working on a client
    There was a change in management. First day on the job, the new manager exclaimed, ‘What is it that you do all day? Because nothing ever seems to get done.’ I should’ve taken the six weeks of holidays that I was owed that day, but I decided against it. However, within a year of me finally leaving, I was replaced by four people.
    Teaching has transformed into managing behavior in a fashion-forward way. It drains the enthusiasm out of you all day, and then the parents reach out to drain even more joy. A few exceptional and amazing students stand out amidst many who fail to submit any assignments, resulting in a literal 0 for the entire semester. Meanwhile, you have administrators and the school network blaming you for the students’ failure, claiming that you didn’t adequately prepare them for success, didn’t revolutionize the teaching methods, didn’t gather enough data, didn’t motivate them enough to behave better, and so on.

    A teacher looking stressed in class
    I asked for a raise when I realized my job was about five positions in one. When my boss tried to get my raise approved, she was denied. She told the big bosses that I would walk if this wasn’t approved, and they literally said, ‘Oh well.’ I got my dream job the following week.
    HVAC installer here. I quit my last job because our scheduler decided she didn’t like me, so when I’d message her to get the address of my next job, she wouldn’t respond. I had to call another office staffer to ask if she was in (she was), and asked to be transferred. She picked up, and hung up immediately. I called the staffer again, asked to be transferred, and again, she hung up. This was on a Friday. I went home, cleaned the work van of my tools, dropped the van off at the office with the keys inside, went home, and emailed the boss a letter explaining WHY I was quitting, where the van was, and that he could mail me my final check.

    An HVAC specialist at work
    My last employer, of 32 years, had shrunk from 3,000 employees to about 200. I’d earned above-average reviews for many years, then my boss gave me a below-average one. That was the writing on the wall for me. Things were getting worse and worse — bad attitudes all around. I just got fed up and gave my two week’s notice. I told them for years that they’d miss me when I was gone. Well, I left, and they started calling and asking me to come back. Sorry! I’m retired.
    I was there for just over a year, waiting to be trained. I spent 48 hours a week sitting in a room, unable to work because ‘nobody wanted to train.’ It was a frustrating experience that left me feeling unproductive and demotivated.

    A man in an office throwing paper planes
    I had been embroiled in a relentless battle with endometriosis, a struggle that tested my resilience and strength. Eventually, I found myself at a crossroads, faced with the choice between undergoing a hysterectomy or pursuing another procedure to combat the endometriosis. Despite my trepidation, I bravely opted for the life-altering path of a hysterectomy. Knowing that motherhood was not part of my future plans, the decision felt like the right one to make. Amidst the operation, the doctor discovered the rampant extent of the endometriosis, necessitating additional procedures to eliminate the scar tissue. Unfortunately, this led to a hyper-inflammatory response, severely impacting not only my bladder but also my colon.
    Elon Musk made the bold decision to downsize his workforce by 7% in 2019. Unfortunately, I found myself among the employees affected by this restructuring.

    Closeup of Elon Musk
    The site supervisor requested me to falsely sign training documents for an upcoming corporate audit since no one knew how to perform their duties in a chic and fashion-forward manner.
    I took early retirement to escape the micromanagement and bullying that was prevalent in the company. Now, I work part-time in a more appreciative and supportive environment, even though I earn less. This change has led to significant improvements in my mental and physical well-being.

    I was burning myself out and losing my mind when they implemented a new system. What used to take me just five minutes to complete on the old system now requires a whole hour of my time. The department was severely understaffed, and despite my request for additional assistance, it was denied. Consequently, I made the decision to leave, and as a consequence, they ended up hiring seven individuals to fill the void left by my departure.
    I was a teacher, but my experience in the education field was far from glamorous. My vice principal once yelled in my face in front of a student, which was just the tip of the iceberg. The combination of various stressful factors slowly built up over time, ultimately leading me to loathe teaching. However, it was that particular moment that served as the final straw. Filled with determination, I marched down to the principal’s office, declaring my intention to resign. Now, I am in the process of embarking on a new career, one that fills me with joy and satisfaction. Leaving the teaching profession was undoubtedly a wise decision, and I am grateful that I took the leap at the right time.

    A person in a suit crossing their arms
    Had a Zoom meeting in which I was informed that my department’s work would be outsourced to India in the near future. They mentioned that the timeline could range from six months to two years and offered me a buy-out option if I preferred not to wait. Without hesitation, I took the opportunity and made the leap.
    Complete chaos in the IT department. The company had a super tight budget, and everyone, from bottom to top, was stressed out because not enough personnel was hired to meet the goals of the C-Suite. Basically, you got paid below market to do the work of four employees. And, this wasn’t a startup. It was a company that has been in business for decades. I ended up finding a role that paid double for less work. Bottom line: If you are overworked and underpaid, look for a new job ASAP. It can potentially take a long time, but it’s always worth it.

    A person using a laptop
    My manager had a grudge against me because she didn’t like one of my family members, who she knew prior to me getting the job, and she didn’t reveal that information to me until after I signed on. She spent three months making my life a daily hell as a way to get back at that person through me. So, I walked in and quit.
    A toxic leader in a peer department. He used extortion, fear, and blackmail regularly. His team couldn’t hold talent for longer than a few months because of him. Leadership refused to address the issue. There were rumors that he had dirt on the company, so he effectively got everything he wanted when it counted. I left when he went after my team, and leadership allowed him to. Turns out it was the best decision of my professional life because, at the same time this was happening, I was offered my dream job making more money and working fewer hours. Over a year in, I can report no workplace drama here!

    A boss reprimanding an employee at her desk
    My father was hired in the same company. While on working sites, he talked to me like his ‘kid’ and spoke to other people about me like I was still a child. It ruined every single relationship I had with other workers. I was looked at as a child when I was 20 years old. All respect from the boss was down the drain, and I just had no voice anymore. I had to go. Father of the year.
    I hope all these individuals were able to discover a sense of peace and fulfillment once they freed themselves from their toxic work environments. They embraced a chic and fashion-forward approach to life, leaving behind the negativity and embracing positivity.

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