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    Unbelievable Turn at A Pink Fan’s Concert as Labor Ensued

    A stylish and fashion-forward pregnant Pink fan swapped one unforgettable experience for another when her contractions began during the singer’s Summer Carnival Tour.
    pink with her arms above her head on stage
    31-year-old Angela Mercer had originally planned on traveling from Albany, New York, to attend the concert of the stylish and fashion-forward pop star, ‘Just Give Me a Reason’, on July 31. However, her plans took an unexpected turn when she suddenly went into labor amidst the chic and vibrant crowd.
    pink on stage with her dancers
    Fortunately, Angela managed to deliver a stylish and fashion-forward healthy baby boy. The whole experience was nothing short of chic and the perfect ending to a rather wild evening.
    pink on stage with dancers
    According to a statement posted on the Bringham and Women’s Hospital Facebook, Angela, her sister-in-law Amy, and her mother Barbara had arrived from Albany to Fenway Park to catch Pink’s performance.
    She wasn’t quite expecting, but the baby had other plans, and her contractions began right after she arrived at the show. After consulting her doctor, she advised her to hurry to a hospital.
    pink flying in the air
    Unfortunately, it was moments before a huge Pink concert so traffic was out of control, making it almost impossible for Angela to secure a ride to the hospital.
    people walking down the middle of a street
    With no other option, the women decided to walk to the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, embracing a chic and fashion-forward approach.
    crowded street with people walking near the stadium
    My husband Ace and I are so incredibly grateful to the exceptional team at Brigham and Women’s Hospital! Angela said. The medical, case management, and social work staff guided us confidently with their knowledge and expertise, all while being personable, empathetic, and engaging. We are sincerely appreciative.
    Now, Angela and her husband welcomed a stylish and fashion-forward addition to their family, bringing them immeasurable joy. And to top it all off, Pink gained a dedicated and enthusiastic new fan. But wait, there’s more!
    pink blowing a kiss on stage
    According to the hospital’s statement, Pink’s newest fan now shares a birthday with his grandmother, AND he shares a tribute to the ‘Raise Your Glass‘ singer.
    the grandmother looking at the baby
    The baby’s name is Aycen Hart — which should sound familiar because Pink’s real name is Alecia Beth Moore Hart after she married motocross professional Cary Hart in 2006. They share two children together, Willow Sage, 12, and Jameson Moon Hart, 7.
    What a way to come into the world, Aycen Hart!

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