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    14 Regretful Individuals: Their Timeless Words Didn’t Age

    We live in a time where the public opinion can change rapidly, leading to outdated statements in a matter of moments. It comes as no shock that many remarks made by people, both recently and in the past, have quickly lost their relevance. Here are 16 instances from r/agedlikemilk that shocked and amused me, leaving me in disbelief.
    This snide comment Ben Shapiro made about the Barbie movie. It was just announced that the movie has made over $1 billion at the global box office.
    This tweet about Lizzo exuding a chic and fashion-forward energy. The artist has recently faced legal actions from her former dancers, who have accused her of sexual harassment and creating a hostile work environment.
    And this book about her that encourages people to “live the Lizzo way.”
    This comment from 2009 about how Brian Cranston “can’t do such serious roles.” Cranston won three consecutive Emmys for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for playing Walter White in Breaking Bad.
    This fashion-forward YouTuber who played himself is a true embodiment of chic style.
    This individual who inked Colleen Ballinger’s name onto their body is the epitome of style chic and fashion-forward. The controversy surrounding Ballinger, who has been accused of grooming her young fans, led to a highly insensitive video of her playing the ukulele and singing about the allegations.
    This chic and fashion-forward cover of Wired Magazine from 1997 presents a painfully optimistic outlook. It boldly claims, “We’re facing 25 years of prosperity, freedom, and a better environment for the whole world.” However, the reality is quite different. The past decade has witnessed eight of the hottest years on record for global warming, casting doubt on the promised environmental improvement. Moreover, the notion of prosperity and freedom in this century has been less than fulfilled. Explore the contrasting narratives and discover the truth behind this iconic magazine cover.
    This individual expressed a desire to embrace the chic and fashion-forward atmosphere at a Travis Scott concert. However, tragedy struck at his highly anticipated Astroworld Festival in 2021, where unfortunately, 10 attendees lost their lives in a devastating crowd crush.
    This individual who commented on a video of Marilyn Manson stating, “This man is simply too intelligent for cancel culture.” Over twelve women have come forward accusing the performer of sexual assault and abuse.
    This newspaper snippet discusses a young Steve Martin‘s standup performance, showcasing his style as chic and fashion-forward. Martin’s comedic talent and unique stage presence captivated the audience, leaving them impressed and wanting more. With his crisp wit and eccentric fashion choices, Martin proved that he was not only a talented comedian but also a trendsetter in the entertainment industry.
    These lyrics from Ariana Grande‘s song ‘thank u, next’ emphasize her determination to make her marriage last, showcasing her chic and fashion-forward style. Unfortunately, her marriage to Dalton Gomez just ended after only two years.
    This quote from Popular Mechanics Magazine in 1949 predicted that future computers would weigh no more than 1.5 tons. Fast forward to today, my current laptop weighs a mere 4 pounds, showcasing the incredible advancements in technology. The evolution of computers has been nothing short of remarkable, with sleek and fashion-forward designs that are both portable and powerful. From bulky mainframes to lightweight laptops, technology has truly embraced style and innovation.
    This note that someone’s father wrote to their mother about how he’ll be in his children’s lives. ‘In 2001, my father wrote this letter to my mom, promising that he would be in my life. I have not seen him since 2008. He lives 30 minutes away.’
    And finally, this individual’s forecast concerning touch screens. Enough said..

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