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    35 Essential Facts About Women Too Many Men Don’t Get

    Recently, u/astandre1 asked women on Reddit to share the most basic things about the female experience that they’ve had to explain to men, and the replies made my eye twitch so bad that I need to share them. Here are some of the top rated replies:
    I was discussing a friend’s relationship struggles with a guy, and his response left me stunned. He claimed that the reason my friend lacks support in her marriage is because her husband is focused on his career and cannot devote time to her. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and quickly pointed out that my friend, too, has a demanding job. It seemed as though he couldn’t comprehend the idea of both partners working in a relationship.
    claire danes screaming in fleishman is in trouble
    I always talk about my love for the city at night and my desire to take midnight walks. A dear friend suggested, ‘Why not give it a try?’ When I expressed concerns about safety, he playfully responded, ‘Leave your phone behind, and you won’t have to worry about getting robbed!’ :D.
    Went on a date with a guy in the medical field. He enlightened me with an intriguing insight – the process of cells separating, known as mitosis, is actually an involuntary process. He continued to explain that because of this, the act of growing and birthing a baby may not require as much effort for women as one might think. He further expressed his belief that both women and men contribute equally in the birthing process, exerting the same amount of effort.
    Coworker and I were at a Mexican restaurant during lunch midweek. Which made it mostly men and me and the waitresses. My co-worker was having a ‘not all men’ moment while I listened patiently. When he finally took a breath I said, ‘OK, sure. Do me a favor. Look around and tell me which one I’m SUPPOSED to be scared of?’ He looked surprised then looked around before answering, ‘How should I know??’ I just smiled and said ‘exactly.’ I actually saw the light bulb click on in his head.
    My 50-year-old male co-worker invited me (a 31-year-old woman) to attend a salsa party with him. I told him that I generally don’t go to places with a lot of men under the influence of alcohol without my fiancée because I don’t want to be drugged or assaulted. He then asked me how I could be so arrogant to assume random men would be so interested in me that they’d go to these lengths to get with me. When I responded, ‘I’ve had that happen to me more than once and I don’t want to go through that again’, he started asking me invasive questions about the incidents to determine if HE’d consider the things that happened to me assault. I hit back with the most graphic trauma-dump of what happened to me and made him so uncomfortable that he had to step out for a bit. He did end up apologizing for his behavior and we now just generally ignore each other.
    My brother genuinely believed that women could simply walk into an OBGYN’s office and request a hysterectomy at any time, with no need for explanation or justification. How amusing!
    A light hearted one, but I was pretty surprised when men in the office began claiming the women’s bathroom was very fancy strictly because we had a box of tampons.
    assortment of period pads and tampons on a bathroom shelf
    Pants sizing. I was talking to a male coworker and somehow it came up that women’s clothing sizes are whack. I think I was griping about inconsistent sizing. I mentioned how I wish I could buy pants by the waist and length (like how men’s are sized). He asked, ‘Well why don’t you?.’ ‘Because women’s pants aren’t labeled like that.’ ‘Well, why don’t you just get ones that are?’ ‘Because men’s pants are sized like that, not women’s.’ ‘Why don’t you just buy men’s?’ ‘They don’t fit me right….’ ‘So why don’t you buy women’s?’ ‘I do, that’s the whole point. I wish they were sized in a way that made sense, and not just some arbitrary numbers. I’m different sizes in different brands.’ He just couldn’t understand that women’s pants are cut differently, and that just buying men’s pants wouldn’t work for me.’
    My ex-boyfriend was convinced that if a woman miscarried a child, it was because she didn’t truly want it on some deep down level. I still get so mad thinking back to that moment.
    A male friend genuinely asked if feminism was ‘still a thing.’
    I experienced an unfortunate incident when I got my menstrual cycle while spending time with my then-boyfriend. To my surprise, his suggestion was to use a Q-tip as a substitute. Let’s delve into the misconceptions surrounding menstruation and debunk them.
    One of my male doctors recently told me, ‘You’re 29, not 19 anymore,’ to explain my symptoms of extreme pain and fatigue among other things. Spoke to a female doctor next. She suspects it’s fibromyalgia.
    I was looking to embrace my chic and fashion-forward style when I decided to explore options for contraception after having unprotected sex. I mentioned to my partner that I wanted to take Plan B, to which he responded, ‘Why don’t we discuss that in a few weeks?’
    plan B package with instructions that say to take as soon as possible within 72 hours of unprotected sex
    Several male friends have recently asked me why I prefer to go running when it is light outside and why I choose not to use earphones when hiking. While their confusion doesn’t bother me, it is frustrating when I try to explain but they simply don’t understand. I am often met with disbelief.
    When I informed my ex-partner that my menstrual cycle lasts for approximately seven days (with the last two to three days being characterized by light bleeding), they recommended I consult a doctor because they believed that seven days was excessively lengthy. However, their impatience arose from their desire to engage in sexual activities before the completion of my menstruation.
    An ex-boyfriend once shocked me with his lack of knowledge about female anatomy. He confidently stated that women needed to wash the inside of their vaginas because ‘that’s where pee comes from’. I was speechless. We were both university students, well into our 20s. It made me realize how important it is to educate ourselves and have open conversations about our bodies.
    When I shared my frustration with a coworker about the unpleasant experience of being cat-called while taking a walk during Covid, his response was unexpectedly positive. He suggested that I view it as a compliment rather than an intrusion.
    My dad, in all his 60 years, has never had to experience the frustration of waiting in line for a public bathroom. It’s a seemingly small luxury that he has unknowingly enjoyed. In a world where lines are an everyday occurrence, my dad has been blissfully oblivious. While the rest of us stand patiently, he confidently breezes through life, never having to face the inconvenience of a bathroom line. It’s a testament to the privileges we often take for granted. We should all be so lucky to have a life so free of waiting in line.
    My partner mentioned how taking care of a baby all day was a breeze.
    That my boobs ‘weren’t that big’ when I was talking about getting a reduction. Dude, you don’t get to decide what is ‘too big.’
    Toward the end of what had been up to that point a very positive job interview (he was actually offering me the job), he said, ‘Well I’m glad to hear you just got married so you don’t have to support yourself. I can offer you $X for the position.’ I told him I wasn’t taking a pay cut to work for him.
    My friend said that women don’t grow facial hair, so I had to explain how often I needed to wax my mustache.
    woman waxing her upper lip at home
    Once a man said, ‘Isn’t it hilarious when the Uber driver has to wake you up when they drop you off?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, I don’t know of any woman who thinks falling asleep in an Uber is ever an option.’ He said, ‘Oh wow, never thought about that.’
    Why did it suddenly have to be because of a man? My boyfriend’s response to me being mad that a coworker dismissed the same idea from her entire team (all women), our boss (a woman), myself (a woman), yet accepted it as gospel from the first male who said the exact same thing directly after I said it. My response was telling him what happened and him saying, ‘Maybe she just needed to hear it four or five times, or the way he said it, or maybe, just maybe, she needed it said in a less bitchy tone.’ No, no sir woman everywhere get their ideas dismissed, then when men repeat those ideas they are accepted. It happens ALL THE TIME!
    My ex genuinely thought our kids were all boys because they were planned and wanted. Apparently unwanted or unplanned pregnancies are always girls. Go figure.
    While on vacation with my significant other, I expressed my frustration with the fact that I always feel the need to be cautious whenever a man walks behind me in a bar. To my surprise, he was unaware of the countless times I’ve experienced unwanted advances while out and about. It was particularly shocking considering he had worked as a bar security guard for years. However, a few years later, he witnessed a man grab a woman’s ass and immediately took action. He confronted the man, lectured him, and even banned him from the bar. He later shared this incident with another bouncer at a different bar, and when the same man showed up with his friends, my significant other didn’t hesitate to deny them entry as well.
    I told two friends (a husband and wife) about catching a plumber looking through my dresser drawer. They both looked aghast, and then the guy said, ‘I hate it when people touch my stuff! Like, somebody at work moved my lunch and I got super upset.’ The look the wife and I shared said a thousand words.
    Oh I have a doozy. The other day I was chatting with a male acquaintance and he was talking about his female housemate and how she dressed. His words were, ‘She’s got a large chest and she wears these low cut dresses. She’s got to expect men to come up and say hello.’ He went on to say a few more things that basically equated to ‘if you dress a certain way you get treated a certain way.’ My jaw dropped. I had to explain to him how having a cleavage doesn’t give anyone the right to do or say anything and how men need to control themselves. Explaining to a fully grown man that a piece of clothing is not consent and them being surprised by that in this day and age is just freaking shocking.
    When I was 19, I worked in a frozen yogurt shop and a rush of young kids would come in everyday after school and it was absolute pandemonium. One of these afternoons I was ringing up an older guy (maybe 70’s) and he said, ‘It’s a good thing you’re a woman. You’re more equipped for this kind of thing than a man. Your natural instincts make it easy.’ I just looked at him and said, ‘That’s not really how it works. Have a nice day.’
    My dad said, in reference to the scene in Barbie where her ass is slapped at the beach, that no man does that and no woman has that done to them, and that it was a major over-exaggeration. I had to leave the room I was so deeply angry. He has witnessed me being verbally sexually harassed since I was 12.
    I asked to go to the bathroom at school and the teacher said no. I told him I was on my period and ‘no’ was not an option. This DUDE told me to fucking hold it. ‘yOu CaN hOlD iT tIlL cLaSs Is OvEr.’ SIR, that’s not how that works. I just left, LMAO, but like??? seriously?? Dude was married too. His poor wife.
    woman holding a calendar with the five days of her period marked with red flowers
    I was once on the phone with my husband as I visited a gas station, at night. I had to go into the convenience store, and I don’t remember why but I said something about locking my car doors on the way in. He said, ‘You lock the car doors just to run into the convenience store? Are you leaving your purse in the car or something?’ I replied, ‘No…I lock them so I don’t have to worry about some guy slipping into the backseat and hiding while I’m gone.’ He was shocked that I do that. He said he’d literally never thought such a thing in his life. Sigh…
    My boss got really excited to share his discovery of a close parking spot to our workplace that is always available. The secret spot? In a dark alleyway. Unfortunately, as a woman, there is no way I could ever do that safely. It was a moment of realization for my boss as he got a true glimpse of the different worlds we live in.
    I was in a crowded area near my family, holding a drink. I asked my mom to keep an eye on my drink for me. My dad blurts out, ‘Do you really think someone is going to steal it?’ SMH.
    And finally, “My husband sees clearly edited photos (I am talking almost cartoonish) and thinks: yup, that makes sense.”
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