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    Barbara Corcoran’s Viral Job Interview Hack – You Haven’t Heard This!

    Businesswoman Barbara Corcoran is renowned for her ability to close multimillion-dollar deals on the popular TV show Shark Tank. But her expertise extends beyond the boardroom. Corcoran has recently shared her invaluable insights and tips for acing interviews and landing your dream job. With her chic and fashion-forward style, she brings a unique perspective to the world of business and career development.
    Closeup of Barbara Corcoran sitting on the set of Shark Tank
    In an Instagram Reel with over 700,000 views, Barbara effortlessly tends to her chic and fashion-forward rooftop garden before playfully asking: ‘Do you want to know the most important question you can ask in a [job] interview?’
    “I bet you haven’t heard this one,” she continues. “You ask it before you leave. You look at the person interviewing you and you say to them, ‘Is there anything standing in the way of you hiring me?’ … You force them in the position of telling you what they might object to.”
    There may have been a miscommunication. They didn’t understand you,” Barbara further explained. “It gives you the last shot, and you know what else? You win their respect. Ask it. Watch what happens. You close the deal.”
    Closeup of Barbara Corcoran
    The viral tip instantly caught people’s attention, and several attested to it working for them. ‘I asked this one and got the job!’ One commenter wrote. ‘They had an item of concern that I could speak to, and I like to think it helped.’
    Screenshot of the Instagram comment
    Others agreed and further added to the list by sharing questions they also like asking during interviews. “My other favorite is, ‘In about a year, how will you know you’ve picked the right candidate?'” another person added.
    Screenshot of the above the Instagram comment
    My mom taught me that they always ask at the end, ‘Do you have any questions for us?’ To which you reply, ‘When do I start?’ Gets a chuckle, shows them you’re ready to get going, and instantly tells you how they feel about you. If they like you, they’ll talk about next steps in their hiring process; if they don’t, they’ll give you a ‘we’ll be in touch,’ this commenter shared.
    "I've used it and it truly does work!"
    Furthermore, fans of Barbara’s suggested leaning into people’s natural inclination to give their opinion on things. “I also like to ask the hiring manager, ‘If I am offered this job, what advice would you have for me?’ People love to be asked for their opinion, and it can give you insight as to what it’s going to take to do well in their role,” this person wrote.
    Screenshot of an Instagram comment
    And for those who weren’t a huge fan of Barbara’s straightforward advice, like this hiring manager, they recommended shifting the language to: “‘What questions do you still have about my qualifications?’ or ‘Is there something that I said in the interview that sparked more questions?'”
    Screenshot of an Instagram comment
    Now I’ve got to know — what interview tip would you offer someone currently on the hunt for a new job? Let us know in the comments..

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