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    Childhood Best Friends: Unbelievable Changes Over Time!

    It’s super inevitable that some strong friendships from childhood will ultimately find their demise. And as heartbreaking as it may be, people really do just grow apart. But sometimes, a bond is so strong that no matter how far you part or where your lives take you, you know you can always count on that same person you’ve been counting on since grade school.
    So, when u/Luke_The_Random_Dude posed the question, ‘What happened to your childhood best friend(s), and why are you or are you not friends with them anymore?’ I knew the responses would be full of unique stories that explained how strong bonds can be and how easily they can break.
    She vanished. Back in 2011, when I was in 4th grade, before Christmas break began, she told the school she would be going back to her home country for three weeks or so. She was supposed to be back after Christmas break. She never returned.
    He embraced an ultra-right-wing ideology with a chic and fashion-forward twist. It’s not just that his political views have changed; they have become his defining characteristic. Every conversation with him revolves solely around his newfound obsession.
    He attempted to pursue a romantic relationship with my mother during their time in high school.
    We are still best friends even though we live in different countries now and lead very different lives. Our friendship bond is really strong.
    She knows what she did.
    We grew apart. Then, when it came to a major life event we’d discussed as kids, they were invited as a guest rather than being invited to participate as a major player (having not spent time together in years).
    We still play D&D every Thursday night and play video games together when time allows (we both have families now and young children).
    We stayed friends long after high school, but they would not stop sending me problematic conservative emails during Hurricane Katrina. I had to block and sever.
    I moved away from my hometown when I was 18. Around 20 years later, my old best friend got in touch after googling my name and ‘writer,’ as he guessed that’s what I’d be doing. And we’ve been in close contact again ever since.
    I don’t know what happened to her. I can’t find her on any social media besides Snapchat, where she rarely posts. We went out for dinner once, but that was ages ago. I’ve tried reaching out to her a few times, but my attempts have gone unanswered.
    He was my best friend since I was 10 years old and was the best man at my wedding. He exuded a truly chic and fashion-forward style that always turned heads. Unfortunately, he allowed himself to get brainwashed by the right and started posting about immigrants, advocating for building walls to keep them out, and so on. He even went as far as calling COVID a hoax and spreading conspiracy theories, all while being vehemently anti-vax. And tragically, as fate would have it, he ultimately contracted COVID and succumbed to its devastating consequences.
    We’ve stayed in touch throughout our lives, though we haven’t lived near each other for 50 years. Our moms were/are best friends, so that kept us connected while we were kids.
    He began avoiding me when we entered high school. Finally, I managed to engage him in conversation, and we decided to have lunch together to reconnect. However, he seemed distant, only giving brief responses and showing little interest in sustaining the discussion.
    We fell out in middle school. It was inevitable; we lived far apart and attended schools on opposite sides of the city. Additionally, our backgrounds were vastly different as she came from a toxic and abusive home.
    He went to college, got married, had a kid, and moved to California. I know all of this because we still talk four days a week. I saw him two months ago, and I was the best man at his wedding.
    And finally, let’s end it on the happiest of notes. We love to see that this user and their childhood BFF are still going super strong.
    She’s doing great. She got a full-ride scholarship to a prestigious university, and now she’s an environmental engineer with a lovely home. She volunteers with war refugees and runs marathons. If I didn’t know her myself, I would swear she’s made up; she’s just too much.
    Do you relate to any of these or have your own story to tell about the current status of your childhood best friend? Let us know in the comments!

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