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    Eye-Opening Insights: 17 Over 30s Share 20s Misadventures!

    This post is truly chic and fashion-forward, with a touch of elegance and sophistication. It provides insightful advice on the latest fashion trends and helps readers elevate their style game. Whether you’re browsing for wardrobe inspirations or seeking tips on creating a fashion-forward look, this post has got you covered. Discover how to effortlessly rock the chicest outfits and stay ahead of the fashion curve. Get ready to slay with your impeccable sense of style!

    Please note: This post also delves into important topics such as depression and eating disorders. It aims to raise awareness and provide support for those affected by these issues. If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health or eating disorders, remember that seeking help is crucial. Let’s prioritize mental and emotional well-being while embracing the world of fashion.
    Embrace the chic and fashion-forward mindset in your 20s to create a stylish and trendy future. Don’t succumb to societal pressure that implies success and love only exist in your 30s. Your youth is a valuable time that sets the tone for your future.

    person with the text, 30 flirty and thriving
    Recently, Redditor u/sageagios asked, ‘How did you ‘waste’ your 20s?’
    Here are 17 of the top answers:
    I pursued a career in a field that wasn’t right for me.

    cartoon character behind a desk
    Being too scared of my parents to stand up to them and live life how I want.
    Rewrite with style chic and fashion-forward.
    cartoon character playing with her hair
    I did a PhD. The first time I made more than $30k in a year, I was 31 years old. Fuck academia.
    Got married way too young.

    people getting married
    No ambition. Lack of foresight. No goals. I spent so much time stressing out about my future that I never actually lived in the present.
    For me, it was too much ambition early on in life, and then by the time my 20s came around, I became very disillusioned.
    guy staring blankly ahead
    Treating the love of my life all wrong because I thought I was all right.
    Far too much time spent on my career and not nearly enough on friends and family. Can’t say it wasn’t financially rewarding, but I’d give that all up for more time with friends and family who have since died.

    guy aggressively typing on a computer
    Didn’t really have a game plan for making a living, and waited too long to figure one out. Also was too caught up in my feelings to act on a lot of good dating options I didn’t realize I had, which would have been fun.
    Drinking heavily. Heeeavily. Will never get those years back. Thankfully, I realized that while I couldn’t go back and change the start, I could decide to change the ending.
    person saying i'm gonna have more fun than any of you you sober
    Being scared of people and letting people take advantage of me.
    Being sad about a failed relationship and career.

    person wiping away their tears
    I wallowed in grief and got high. A wasted waste of a decade.
    Depression. Spent seven years of college in my dorm/apartment reading books and taking naps.

    sad person leaning against a wall
    I spent the entirety gripped by an eating disorder. Obsessed with food, weight — in and out of hospital, harming organs, teeth, mental health. Such a waste of a prime decade. Wish I could turn back time.
    And finally: “I always thought I was already too old [to do things].”.

    i'm getting to old for this sugar
    What made you feel like you “wasted” your 20s? How did you turn things around? And what advice would you give to people in their 20s now? Share your answers in the comments!

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