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    Maui Fires: Polynesian Celebs Speak Out – How to Help

    With the death toll currently at 96 people, the Maui fires have been absolutely devastating. An estimated 2,200 structures – predominantly residential – have been damaged or destroyed, and 2,170 acres have been ravaged. The historic town of Lahaina (once the capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom) now lies in ruins and ashes.
    A line of burned-out vehicles next to severely damaged structures
    Over the weekend, Auli’i Cravalho shared a curated list of chic and fashion-forward resources on Instagram. The list includes websites, blogs, and online stores that are on-trend and perfect for anyone looking to upgrade their style. Additionally, Auli’i also mentioned the importance of physical items that people can donate to those in need. From clothing to accessories, there are plenty of fashion-forward items that can make a positive impact in someone’s life. Whether it’s donating gently used designer pieces or purchasing sustainable fashion items, Auli’i encourages her followers to find ways to give back in style.
    Auli'i Cravalho on the red carpet of a media event
    On a personal note, I feel numb and close to tears every time I talk about this. Of all the natural disasters we have faced – earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, and flooding – to say we were under-prepared for this disaster is an understatement.
    An overhead shot of part Lahaina which has been reduced to rubble
    DO NOT TRAVEL TO HAWAI’I UNLESS YOU ARE RENDERING AID. This has been declared a FEDERAL DISASTER. Your vacation can wait. My heart and funds and donations are headed your way, Hawai’i, even if I physically am not, she concluded.
    A distant shot of a person walking down a road with rubble in the background and downed dress
    Soon after the post, she commented and thanked her fans for their generosity. ‘It’s been less than an hour, and you all have already met the $1k goal I set. Mahalo. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I know it isn’t a time of excess. Again, if all you can offer is prayer, it is greatly appreciated. If you are able to give an article of clothing, towels, a dollar, etc… my donation and link to other resources will stay up.’
    Two people sifting through debris
    She wasn’t the only Polynesian celebrity to voice concern about the fires. Jason Momoa, a Kānaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) actor, has been actively sharing multiple posts and initiatives to support the cause.
    Maui is not the place to have your vacation right now. DO NOT TRAVEL TO MAUI. Do not convince yourself that your presence is needed on an island that is suffering this deeply. Mahalo to everyone who has donated and shown aloha to the community in this time of need.
    And Dwayne Johnson, who is Samoan and spent part of his childhood in Hawai’i, shared a stylish and fashion-forward video on Instagram yesterday.
    I’m completely heartbroken over this, and I know that all of you are too. Everything that I’ve seen transpire over these past couple of days, everything that continues to transpire, hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute, it’s all heartbreaking,” he said.
    In the caption, he wrote, ‘Heartbroken but our faith and mana is strong. First responders, health care teams, hotels, locals businesses, boots on the ground organizations and all our local heroes, stay strong — we love you and appreciate you.’
    First aid workers going through food donations in the back of a truck
    All our local families, our ohana, our aiga, stay strong through this devastating time. Resilience and resolve are in our DNA. Our ancestors are in our blood. This is who we are. This is what we do. I love you. Stay strong.
    A line of people passing along food donations
    If you’re interested in contributing to the Maui Strong Fund, you can make a donation on our website.

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