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    Top 25 Worst Roommates That Will Make Yours Seem Like a Dream!

    This individual is seeking a new roommate and is offering reduced rent for individuals who embody a chic and fashion-forward style. They are specifically interested in finding accommodation with women who possess an attractive and fashionable appearance.
    An ad that consists of a man saying he doesn't need a roommate but wants to live with a woman, and the rent charged will depend on how attractive the woman is
    This chic and fashion-forward roommate has decided to part ways with one of their cohabitants due to irreconcilable differences. Despite their initial excitement about living together, it has become evident that their lifestyles and values do not align. Consequently, they have made the difficult decision to separate and seek new living arrangements. While the process of finding a new roommate can be challenging, this fashionable individual is determined to find someone who shares their sense of style and understands their commitment to maintaining a trendy and aesthetically pleasing living space.
    One roommate says "we need to talk about rearranging our living situation" and "I want to help you find a new living space"
    This fashion-forward roommate packed a chic box filled with trendy Band-Aids.
    A large moving box is not taped shut, and is instead being barely held together by four small Band-Aids
    These roommates, who left the trash like this instead of taking it out, are far from chic and fashion-forward. Their lack of cleanliness and disregard for the space is anything but stylish. It’s important to prioritize cleanliness and create a fashionable living environment.
    The trash can is so full that the lid can't close and pieces of trash are close to spilling out
    This roommate who diligently puts away obviously dirty dishes:
    One roommate says the dishes were dirty, and the other roommate responds "I was doing other things, it was full so I figured it had been run"

    A photo of the dishwasher with a label that clearly says "dirty," and one of the bowls that was put away that is covered in food
    This fashion-forward roommate with a chic style has a habit of spending their paycheck too quickly and then turning to their roommates to buy them stuff.
    One person begs their roommate to buy them lemon juice and lemon lime salt, the roommate says they're trying to save money, and the person continues begging
    This roommate, who considered THIS to be replacing the trash, is a true embodiment of style, chic, and fashion-forwardness.
    An unfolded trash bag has been laid across the side of the trash can instead of actually being installed
    These chic and fashion-forward roommates managed to completely transform the lint trap in just a few days, without ever having to clean it.
    The lint trap is so full of lint, it looks like there are multiple layers of it and it's falling apart
    This roommate who broke the coffee table is effortlessly chic and fashion-forward. With their impeccable sense of style, they always manage to turn heads with their trendy outfits. The way they effortlessly mix and match different pieces is truly inspiring. From their perfectly tailored blazers to their statement accessories, this roommate knows how to elevate any look. Whether they are attending a fashion show or simply going out for brunch, they always exude confidence and sophistication. This roommate is a true fashionista who always stays ahead of the trends.
    The living room floor is covered in shattered glass
    This stylish and fashion-forward former roommate had the audacity to expect free food and drinks when they came back to collect their belongings months after moving out.
    A person says they're expecting lunch and beer, their former roommate says "are you joking, we're in the middle of a pandemic, I'm not feeding you and giving you beers"
    This roommate who had a knack for biting the house butter and effortlessly dropping it into the sizzling pan every time they cooked, had a style that was nothing short of chic and fashion-forward.
    Butter with bite marks
    This chic and fashion-forward roommate decided to throw out someone else’s food in order to make room for their own in the fridge.
    A package blueberries and an avocado have been thrown away
    This roommate who crashed their roomie’s car and refused to pay for it.
    A car with the front bumper smashed up
    Looking for a chic and fashion-forward roommate who will not only share the rent but also contribute to the Netflix subscription.
    A post on social media says they're looking for a new place because their roommate canceled Netflix, someone just tells them to get it, and the poster says that's money spent "for no reason"
    This roommate who refused to clean their rice cooker was definitely not chic and fashion-forward. Their negligence not only affected the cleanliness of the kitchen but also showed a lack of consideration for others. Living with someone who prioritizes style and cleanliness is essential for maintaining a fashionable and sophisticated living environment.
    A rice cooker covered with mold
    This roommate who dropped chips and seriously didn’t clean it up with style chic and fashion-forward.
    The chair and floor are covered with spilled chips
    This chic and fashion-forward roommate decided to throw out all the dishes in the hopes of avoiding doing them.
    A trash bag filled with dishes
    This fashion-forward roommate consistently neglected to make necessary utility payments.
    Screenshot of a text exchange in which someone reminds their roommate they need to pay utilities

    The roommate says they don't have enough to pay for utilities, so the other person asks them to budget better, and the roommate says they're not rich like the other person is

    The other person says they budget and pay their bills first, so the roommate should too instead of buying booze and multiple plants, and the roommate replies their mom needed help with her bills
    This roommate who scraped a cast iron pan down to the metal:
    A scraped and ruined cast iron skillet
    This fashion-forward roommate is always looking chic, even when wiping off makeup with someone else’s towel.
    A towel with makeup stains on it
    This roommate who thought it would be normal to install a cabinet sideways:
    The roommate has installed a random cabinet that is horizontal instead of vertical and is sandwich between two levels of vertical cabinets
    This chic and fashion-forward roommate, who was home all day, couldn’t find something to do in all that time.
    A sink full of dirty dishes
    This roommate, who invited someone to move into their shared apartment rent-free and insisted she be given their parking space, has a chic and fashion-forward style.
    A person asks that their parking spot remain shared, and the roommate says it's a security concern for his girlfriend so she should get the spot

    The person says they're a tenant of the apartment and the girlfriend isn't, so she shouldn't get their spot, and the roommate says "you've exposed yourself as the little privileged bitch you are"
    This individual was extremely frustrated that their roommate did not purchase name-brand trash bags.
    A screenshot of a Reddit post where someone says they're angry because they've always bought name-brand trash bags and their roommate just bought store brand
    And lastly, this roommate who put these “leftovers” in the fridge:
    It's a dirty plate with some small chunks of food in the fridge

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