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    Wedding Photographer Faces Refund Dilemma After Groom Cheats: What Now?

    When wedding drama comes from within the family, things can be juicy. But when vendors get involved, it gets even messier.
    A groom giving a bride a piggyback ride
    Recently, Redditor Wedding Dude (or Wedding Dude, for short) took to the r/WeddingPhotography subreddit to share an incident with a bride who wanted a refund after he had already captured her entire wedding.
    Old-school camera shooting a wedding
    She’d found out that the groom had had an affair; but it wasn’t just any affair. “Earlier this summer I shot a wedding,” Wedding Dude began. “My typical second shooter couldn’t make it, so I found someone else online who I felt did good work.”
    Hands over a laptop show that somebody is browsing through photographs on the laptop's screen
    Anyway, she and I shot the wedding, and everything seemed to be business as usual. The photos were edited and delivered to the client, everything was good. Then this morning I got an email from the bride.
    wedding couple looking at the digital frame from the camera with the photographer
    She desired a reimbursement as the lady I had employed as my second shooter for the day had ultimately engaged in a relationship with her husband post the wedding ceremony. Additionally, in her electronic mail to me, she appended pictures from his cellular device to authenticate her claim.
    In later comments, Wedding Dude went on: “[The bride] sent a handful of photos taken with her husband’s phone. Pictures appear to be in a hotel room. Images for some reason have today’s date on them, with titles like ‘img_01.'”
    I haven’t responded yet — what’s the best thing to do here? She hired me for a job, the job was completed, and the product was delivered. But I also feel like this would be like if I were a professional dog walker who walked a client’s dog, then came back and shot it.
    Rice is thrown at a bride and groom as they exit a church
    In a follow-up, Wedding Dude said that he asked the second shooter for her side of the story. ‘She initially denied it,’ he wrote, ‘then after I brought up the pictures she said he claimed they were in an open relationship so she thought it was okay.’
    People in r/WeddingPhotography were having a field day with this post, which they’re saying is “by far the best post of the year in this [subreddit].”.
    First, this is the funniest shit I ever heard. Seriously, this is some sitcom-level writing right here. I know you may not see it that way, but come on. Second, tell them to eff all the way off. You run a business, and don’t offer infidelity clauses in the contract.
    Another proposed compromise: “Offer her a discount on her next wedding.”
    Meanwhile, commenters repeatedly expressed that the husband was more in the wrong: ‘This sounds harsh, but her husband was going to cheat on her regardless of who your second shooter was. It’s not your fault that she married him.’
    person removing a ring behind their back
    How about had you been the bartender? ‘Hey bartender, my husband got drunk with your booze and cheated on me, give me a refund!’ Lol, no, they wouldn’t even ask. It doesn’t happen with other vendors. Clients keep asking for unreasonable refunds from photographers because we keep enabling that behavior. Your job was completed and delivered. You can’t take out the eggs after the cake was baked. So no refund. This is soap opera-level drama, lol.
    man making a champagne tower in front of the wedding couple
    Tell her you’re sorry to hear that but there isn’t a way for you to refund for a service that has been completed per your contract. The second shooter is a contractor who you will not work with again, but she’s not directly involved with your business. You can’t refund her just because something unfortunate happened that you had no control over.
    Not everyone held this opinion, though. One person wrote,”I don’t know what the people here are talking about, I would refund her fully. If she shares this story all over the place, like online, in reviews, or in podcasts, it is YOUR name on the photography contract. I have refunded weddings for less than this because reputation is everything and it’s just not worth it [to risk it].”
    closeup of people at the alter
    Okay, I read, like, a ton of Reddit replies and I’m still not sure what I would do here, LOL. Feel free to share your opinions below!

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